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One Month Of Honey

By the next year Mr. Sardick had developed the sound waves to control the fish. "Look what I'm giving you. The sky, and everything beneath it. Only you and I can control this." Kazran made for his desk and removed the screwdriver, intent on calling the Doctor back to him, to save the skies from his father. But standing outside the window, the one he'd first come in, was the Doctor. Smiling proudly. Unaware that every gift he'd brought contained death and heartache. He wanted him when he couldn't see him, but that proud smile -- that damnable, happy, lively smile -- told him he'd never be part of the story. The Doctor promised but he couldn't deliver. Even when they come, nobody comes.

Scrooge answers the phone once again to the President¸ begging him to explain why he should care about the 4003 souls aboard Amy's ship: "As a very old friend of mine once took a very long time to explain: Life isn't fair."

You can crawl inside a person's heart but you'll never know what you're doing. A life takes as long to know as it does to live. If the Doctor had investigated the countdown lock, had followed up on all the clues as her life ticked away, perhaps it would have changed things. But the whole thing was a gamble anyway; people are a black box with an obscure mechanism inside for most of us, but especially the Doctor. He could never understand what broke in Kazran's heart, the day he decided he'd rather be bored than heartbroken. Too alien, too new. He wouldn't possibly understand what happened the next Christmas, when Kazran came to the window and saw him smiling in. How it must have burnt, that smile.

Amy appears, in holographic form, and briefly is joined by Rory -- still both wearing their fetish outfits -- to show him Christmas Present. They bring him the 4003 souls aboard their ship, singing "Silent Night," so that he can look into their eyes. Amy reappears, looking everywhere for Abigail's casket. "He was trying to turn you into a nicer person," she explains. "And he was trying to do it nicely," she fairly spits. "Time can be rewritten." He swears that it can't, and strides through the souls to Abigail's coffin.

"I would never have known her if the Doctor hadn't changed the course of my whole life to suit himself." She asks why he doesn't let her out. "This is what the Doctor did to me. Abigail was ill when she went into the ice. On the point of death. I suppose the rest in the ice helped her, but she's used up her time. All those Christmas Eves with me. I could release her any time I want... And she would live a single day. So tell me, Ghost of Christmas Present, how do I choose which day?"

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