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A Good Man Goes to War

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And Baby Makes Four

Strax marches Manton up to the comm room. A triumphant Doctor apologizes for being two seconds off from his original promise of three-minutes-forty. Strax tells Manton to give the troops the order to withdraw, but the Doctor has other ideas. "I want you to tell your men to run away," he says, complete with little shooing hand gestures. "I want you to be famous for those exact words." He goes from being gleeful and childlike to pretty damned scary pretty damned quickly. He's just sitting there at the control panel, looking very polite, but the look in his eyes would make a grown man pee himself. "I want people to call you Colonel Run-Away," he says. He gets angrier and angrier as he talks. He says he wants children to laugh at him. He propels himself out of his seat and advances on Manton, jabbing a finger at him and railing at him at what a very bad idea it is to try to get to him through the people he loves. He hears himself saying it, hears the timbre of his voice as if for the first time. "Oh, look, I'm angry; that's new." His mouth makes a series of unfamiliar shapes, like it can't decide whether to smile or scowl. "I'm not really sure what's going to happen now," the Doctor says.

Kovarian appears with two Silurian warriors behind her. "The anger of a good man is not a problem," she says. "They have too many rules." The Doctor turns to look at her, very slowly. "Good men don't need rules," he says. "Today's not the day to find out why I have so many." He advances on her and stares her down. She swallows hard. I remember the most disconcerting day in Sunday School was the day I learned about the Ten Commandments. I didn't feel relieved to discover we live in a society of rules, but disturbed that we needed them. How good could people really be if they needed to be reminded not to go around murdering others? The Doctor fixes Kovarian with an intense stare. She swallows and says, "Give the order." The Doctor looks stunned. Momentarily, his look of shock is replaced by one of pride. Of course she bowed to his will. "Give the order, Colonel Run-Away," she says again.

In the nursery, Amy hears banging on the door and scrambles for a weapon of some kind. "I am armed and dangerous and really cross," she says, wielding something that looks like an electric toothbrush. Rory's voice comes from the other side, along with the whirring of the sonic screwdriver. Amy tearfully tells him their baby's been taken. Rory comes through the door, holding their little pink larva in his arms. "Now, Mrs. Williams, that is never, ever going to happen." Amy's too stunned for a few moments to move or even react, but then snaps out of it and checks Melody over. Rory starts crying. "I was going to be cool," he says, all sobbing. Amy laughs and gives him a bunch of kisses. The Doctor walks in on this scene with an "eww." He tries to beat a hasty retreat from all the icky kissing and crying, but Rory tells him to come back. The Doctor coos over the baby and shakes her tiny hand. "Melody," Amy introduces. "Hello, Melody Pond," the Doctor says. Rory tries to assert the Williams surname to no avail. The Doctor listens to the baby's babbling and responds, "Well, yes, I suppose she does smell nice. Never even really sniffed her. Suppose I should give it a go!" With that, he gives Amy a big hug and takes a long sniff at her ear. The Doctor reveals that he speaks Baby and that Melody thinks of her mother as Big Milk Thing. Wonderful being a mammal, isn't it? The reunion is interrupted when the awesome Silurian comes in to announce that the troops are leaving. "Demon's Run is ours without a drop of blood spilled," she says. "My friend, you have never risen higher." At hearing those words, Rory looks up, suddenly afraid.

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