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A Good Man Goes to War

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And Baby Makes Four

The battle is over when the Doctor finally reaches them. Headless corpses litter the floor. He tells Rory that the baby is a flesh avatar but Rory already knows. Rory goes to console a dying Strax, who discovers that dying in combat isn't what he'd hoped it would be. Rory tries to tell him that he'll be all right, that he's a warrior, but Strax is a nurse. He knows what dying looks like. Jenny is comforting Amy when the Doctor approaches, head bowed and wringing his hands. It was all for nothing, she says. He moves toward her, as if to hug her, but she steps away. "It's not his fault," Jenny says. "I know, I know," Amy says, but she still doesn't let him near her. Vastra calls to the Doctor and says Lorna wants to talk to him.

She's propped up against some stairs, eyes closed and breathing shallowly. The Doctor sonics her and rubs his hand over his face when he sees the results. When she opens her eyes, he tries to put on a happy smile and only succeeds halfway. She's so happy to see him, it's just heartbreaking. He thanks her for helping his friends. "I met you once," she says, struggling to speak. "In the Gamma Forests. You don't remember me." "Of course I remember," he says. He touches her face. "I remember everyone." A tear rolls down her cheek. "We ran, didn't we, Lorna?" he asks, because it's a safe bet, since he runs with everyone he meets. She doesn't answer. With a little sigh and smile, she dies. "Who was she?" he asks Vastra. Someone very brave, is the answer.

Vastra says that the child has probably been taken to Earth in order to be raised in the correct environment. "Yes, she has," the Doctor says, "and it's already too late." Vastra is shocked that he's giving up. "You never give up!" He wheels around on her. "Yeah, and don't you wish sometimes I did?"

There's a flash of lightning and River Song appears on the hangar floor. The Doctor is nearly as angry at her as he was at Colonel Run-Away and Madame Kovarian. She didn't come when he asked. She stands there and takes his anger and then tells him he could have prevented this. Then she calmly turns to Amy. "I know you're not all right, but hang tight, Amy, because you're going to be." The Doctor rails some more. "This wasn't me!" he spits. "This was exactly you," River says. He made everyone so afraid of him, the man, as she says, who can turn an entire army around at the mention of his name. The man who started out seeing the universe and ended up like this. "Doctor: the word for healer and wise man throughout the universe," she says. "We get that word from you, you know." She warns him against continuing on this way, the word will come to mean something else. To Lorna's people, a doctor is a warrior. She says the child will be turned into a weapon to fight him. "And all this, my love, in fear of you." He moves between anger and despair, hearing this, but then at some point he sort of gathers himself back up and walks very slowly toward River. "Who are you?" he asks. The way he's looking at her, he expects her to be an enemy.

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