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And Baby Makes Four

The Thin One is left to chat with Lorna. He looks her over and surmises she's had an encounter with the Doctor. He can't help but want to know more about him. She says the Doctor told her to run... a lot. The Thin One knows she's from the Gamma Forest and wonders what she's doing here. "The forests are Heaven-neutral," he says. She looks wistful. "Yeah, and 30 seconds of the Doctor is the only thing that ever happened there," she says. It's a blessing and a curse to be so interesting that you change people's lives in half a minute. It's a blessing and a curse for the people, too.

The Headless Monks lead the Fat One to a temple sort of area. It's dark with red lights. "Oh, I like this," jokes the Fat One, because fat people are jolly. "I mean, quite a lot of red! Hope it's not to hide the stains!" He laughs at his own joke. A monk goes to a shelf of melon-sized boxes and selects one. "Welcome, Applicant, to the order of the Headless," says a computer voice. It explains that it's traditional for "visiting armies of other faiths" to offer someone for conversion to the order. The Fat One starts to look nervous. "Are you ready to make a donation?" asks the voice. A monk holds the empty box before him. There's a round cavity inside just right for holding a noggin. And you thought Jim and Tammy Faye were asking for a lot back in the day.

Meanwhile, the Thin One and Lorna are still chatting. He wonders where the Doctor is, anyway. Lorna reminds him he could be anywhere in time in space.

In fact, he's in London in 1888. A horse-drawn carriage makes its way through gas-lit foggy streets. The driver pulls to a stop and a woman in a hooded cloak steps out. She thanks him and sends him on his way. She steps into her comfortably appointed home and is greeted by her young maid. "You're back early, ma'am. Another case cracked, I assume?" The hooded lady instructs her maid to send a telegram to the Yard. "Jack the Ripper has claimed his last victim," she says, placing a sheathed sword onto a rack with several other swords. "How did you find him?" the maid asks, astonished. "Stringy," comes the reply, "but tasty all the same." She lowers her hood, revealing herself as a Silurian. Her name is Vastra -- although no one says it for a long while -- and she smiles a gorgeous reptilian smile. The maid smiles back at her mistress and offers her congratulations. Somewhat apologetically, she tells her lizard lady that something has just appeared in the drawing room. They venture in to find the TARDIS waiting. Vastra says she has an old debt to repay. "Pack the cases, Jenny," she says, "and we're going to need the swords." Jenny looks genuinely pleased to hear this. Road trip!

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