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A Good Man Goes to War

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And Baby Makes Four

Out on the floor, Lorna notices that the Doctor -- still in his Monk guise -- is using his sonic screwdriver on a locked door. She glances around to see if anyone has seen him, but everyone else seems busy trying to kill or be killed. When the Doctor gets through the door, Lorna slips away from the group and follows him. In a show of good faith to the Monks, Manton lays down his weapon and instructs the troops to do likewise. "The Doctor is trying to make fools of us," he says. "We are soldiers of God; we are not fools." One by one, the soldiers drop their guns, joining in the chant. "We are not fools... we are not fools." Eventually, the Monks lower their swords.

As soon as everyone is disarmed, an entire legion of Silurian warriors begins to materialize. The human soldiers are surrounded. Some of those rhino-headed men appear, too. Manton sighs the sigh of the screwed. Suddenly Commander Strax is standing there, wielding a gun nearly as big as his diminutive frame. "This space is now under our command," he says. Manton says there's a fleet outside. A distress call will go out to them if Demon's Run falls. The Doctor promises to take care of that by taking out their communications. "Give 'em hell, Danny Boy!" he says into a CB mic. Danny Boy and his planes strafe the fleet and base. The Doctor whooshes around like an airplane and makes machine gun noises with his mouth, because he's a kid. The base shakes with explosions. It seems unwise to hit the base, what with Amy and the baby inside, but whatever. "I need to get off this station now," Madame Kovarian says in mid-escape. "Bring me the child!" "Target destroyed," reports Danny Boy. The Doctor pumps his fist in victory, even though countless human lives must have been lost. Amy cheers from the nursery window. Manton pouts. "Don't slump," nurse Strax says. "It's bad for your spine."

Kovarian makes her way to an escape shuttle. Her guards carry the shuttlecock bassinet between them. She tells them to rejoin the others. "Remember, the Doctor must think he's winning right until the trap closes." Lorna, hiding in the shadows, hears them and scampers away. Before Kovarian can board her shuttle, Rory shows up to hold her at sword point. "No," is all he says. It's... kinda sexy. Kovarian scoffs. She says she has a crew of twenty. How is he going to gain control of her ship? A door slides back, revealing a bound soldier, pirate Captain Henry and son Moppet. "The ship is ours, milady," says Henry.

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