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How the West Was Won

The Doctor begins to wonder why the Gunslinger would want Jex, but Isaac cuts him off. He seems to know there are troubles in Jex's past, but says America is a place for second chances. Even though there are those in town who would hand Jex over, Isaac is determined to protect him. The Doctor is a bit suspicious that Jex hasn't been able to repair his ship, but lets it go. He announces a simple plan to evacuate the whole town using the TARDIS. Amy is surprised. "Really? Simple as that? No crazy schemes, no negotiations?" she asks. "I've matured," he says. "I'm 1200 years old now." Dang. A lot of time has passed.

He does, however, have a slightly crazy plan to elude the Gunslinger on his way out of town. It involves dressing Isaac up in Jex's clothes and sending him and Rory running in the opposite direction to trick the Gunslinger. The Gunslinger spots them, but can't get a clear shot with Rory so close and so stands down. Either the Doctor knew something about the Gunslinger's programming or he took a huge risk with Isaac and Rory's lives. Meanwhile, the Doctor hops up on a transgender horse (the horse basically tells him so) and rides out of town.

Amy keeps Jex company back at the jail. He sounds wistful when he talks about his home planet and declines to return there when Amy offers. To comfort him, Amy drapes a coat over his shoulders. He can tell she's a mother because there's kindness in her eyes, along with sadness and ferocity. Or she could be the average Doctor Who viewer, running the gamut of emotions while watching an episode. She asks him if he's a father and he's surprised, as if considering it for the first time. "In a way, I suppose I am," he says, growing ever sadder.

Somewhere in the desert, the Doctor dismounts his borrowed horse and starts crawling around on the ground. He comes upon the mother of all extension cords and follows it to Jex's barely disguised ship. Seriously, it's like an egg the size of a VW Beetle, covered with a bit of burlap. Can you imagine the heart attack some unsuspecting person would have had upon discovering either it or the intermittently sparking extension cord? The Doctor notices that the ship doesn't appear to be damaged, as Jex had sad. He manages to get the ship opened up, activating its very loud alarm system in the process. The Gunslinger, moments away from shooting at Isaac, hears the alarm and heads towards the ship. The alarm is so loud that Amy and Jex hear it all the way in Mercy. Jex is very distressed. He aims a gun at Amy.

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