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Jackie, having had her fill of the TARDIS indoors, cuts and runs back out again, hilariously. Rose orders the Doctor (that's four) not to go anywhere, and orders Mickey not to start a fight, and follows her mother back to the building, but stops after a moment, having yet again processed important info from a scene ago. Is it actually a character point that she has Memento disease? "Mum, it's not like that! He's not...I'll be up in a minute, hold on!" She runs back to the Doctor's side, inside the TARDIS: "That was a real spaceship!" Yep. "So, it's all a pack of lies? What is it then, are they invading?" ("Two excellent questions, Rose.") Mickey joins in the exposition, craning up to look at the monitors: "Funny way to invade, putting the world on red alert." The Doctor nods, giving Mickey credit for his excellent observation, and wonders aloud what they are up to.

Commercial break #4.

In a deleted scene, we see Jackie sitting on her bed, looking freaked-out and tired, rubbing her forehead with stress as the news remarks on the government's "remarkable lack of leadership" and the country's growing paranoia. The News 24 reporter mentions "at least three reports of public assaults on people publicly identified as aliens," which is interesting but goes nowhere and is kind of a stretch anyway, thematically. Jackie falls back on the bed, hands over her face, as the anchor turns it back over to Tom Kitchenson. "Are there more ships to come?" he asks, and Jackie sits up, because it's Tom Kitchenson. Back to the regular broadcast, in which he mentions that "the authorities are now asking if anyone knows anything" and giving a tip number. Jackie, of course, reaches for the telephone like any annoying TV character would, and calls the number immediately. Without the added point of the xenophobia and hate crimes she just heard about, this seems much more innocuous -- just annoying, really -- because we already know the real deal, but with that extra thing, it gives Jackie a certain edge that America misses out on. She gets through on the third try, and then the word vomit: "Yes! I've seen one, I really have! An alien! And she's with him! My daughter, she's with him. And she's not safe. Oh, my God, she's not safe. I've seen an alien. And I know his name, he's called The Doctor." We see the words "The Doctor" typed into a computer. "It's a box. A blue box." Again, the hands typing the words. "She called it a TARDIS." At the entry of this last, an alarm goes off, and the music is very effectively suspenseful. Indra comes running into a computer lab at 10 Downing Street, where the screens are flashing: "RED ALERT -- THE DOCTOR."

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