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Would You Go Along With Someone Like Me?

On the TARDIS the Doctor wakes, and tells them the dream he was having was a nightmare: "...Scary! Don't ask, you don't want to know. You're safe now!" She's not pregnant, Rory's no goofier-looking than usual, and the TARDIS is going a bit crazy. But they had dreams too. Not really a nightmare, they agree: They were married, in a sweet little village, and she was pregnant. Sort of the opposite of a nightmare, really. Not really my cup of tea, but it's a nice dream you could have.

The Doctor finally admits that he had the same, and tries to revise his statements: "Did I say nightmare? No. More of a really-good-mare. Look, it doesn't matter. We all had some kind of psychic episode. We probably jumped a time track." I love that! No big deal, we probably just all got in each other's heads, or smashed across universes or some silly thing. But they can still hear the birds.

The Doctor and Rory wake up with temples together, and jump back away from each other because being gay is bad, and the Doctor checks his blue suspenders while those two run around noting to each other what has clearly just happened, at length. The Doctor gives a jolly big speech while the camera whirls around, once more recapping the episode as it happens: "Trust nothing. From now on, trust nothing you see, hear or feel... You thought you were awake on the TARDIS too... You're home. You're also dreaming. Trouble is, which is which? Are we flashing forwards? Or backwards? Hold on tight. This is going be a tricky one!" There's your trailer for ya.

Credits, and then on the TARDIS the Doctor, oh he is angry, kicking the console, hurting his foot, getting off several substandard quips in a row before landing on "Stop talking to me when I'm cross!" One more time we talk about how Leadworth is maybe the dream or maybe this one is the dream, and pregnant women are so hilariously fat, and you know, once this episode actually starts going it's pretty rad, but you're gonna kill me here. It's like watching the same ten seconds over and over because they keep explaining it to each other. "You could be giving birth! This could be the dream. Trust nothing we see or hear or feel." The kids point out that they're on a spaceship that's bigger on the outside, accompanied by a bow-tied alien, which is a good point as far as trusting one's instincts.

A very good point, but not as good as the next thing it implies, which is: What is the danger on the TARDIS side of the equation? Just astronomy. But the guy who's about to show up? Way meaner, or at least scarier, on the TARDIS. Choose this life, and you get both hearts at once. And back in Leadworth, who's his victim? He only wants to hurt one of them, back in the village. Choose that life, and the Doctor himself has to admit some things about himself.

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