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Would You Go Along With Someone Like Me?

They discuss the matter of dreams a bunch more times, and the Doctor says he can't quite put the pieces together -- the creepy olds, the time slips between the worlds, the ways of telling which is real -- because, he screams, Leadworth is SO DULL! Between his scream and Amy's next gasping false alarm, though, he does say one very interesting thing: "I'm slowing down, like you two have." Choose this world, and you choose death. Nothing magical, maybe, even about the Doctor here.

Rory and the Doctor yell about how they're both doctors, but then Amy's fine. She points out that now, Doctor shivering and white as a sheet, they can't call this world dull anymore. It's true, you can spice things up almost anywhere by constantly shrieking and grabbing at your abdomen.

Old people: Still super creepy. Pregnant women: Still very fat. Bowties: Still cool. Talk turns to Rory's dumb ponytail, as the three of them swing on the abandoned playground. The Doctor continues to be frustrated with the old people, one Mrs. Poggit in particular, and it all gets very suspenseful for a second before the birds come again.

On the cold dead TARDIS, the Doctor shouts at them, quite cross, and sends them off to find something warmer. Rory talks about how great the other, warmer life was: Happy, and settled, and about to have a baby. Amy wonders, though, why in the past five years they would have ever given up the TARDIS. Why anybody ever would. Rory's offended, rightfully so I think, and points out that one thing in the other life's favor is that they aren't freezing to death when they go there. "The Doctor'll fix it," she shrugs, and he says that their wedding is another point. She laughs as he tosses a white blanket across her back, like a veil.

"We can still get married! Some day..." she trails off awkwardly, which of course he hears in the worst possible way, because he hasn't acclimated himself to the idea that time travelers don't have to deal with consequences -- that time travel means she can have the life of adventure that she wants, and then come on back to the real deal, with him. What she's giving him is a gift, the gift of being young as long as they want, but he wants the real deal now, with her, so he can't hear it.

From the slow path, she ran off with another man on the eve of their wedding. "We're in a time machine! It's the night before our wedding for as long as we want." And I have to say that Rory's got this one right: "We have to grow up eventually." The Doctor agrees, with more than half his hearts, but she wants to be young forever, so she can't hear it. "Says who," she mutters, so carelessly, without even the decency of changing the subject, without even thinking of what she's saying. She can have Rory, she says, but only in this world for as long as she can have it. Before the gears of grace start winding up, and put everybody back in their proper place, like always.

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