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Would You Go Along With Someone Like Me?

At this point the Doctor figures out that the piles of ash are the village children, and we jump into the next part of the show, which is a bunch of running around. Clearly they don't watch Torchwood or they wouldn't worry so much about little kids getting executed right and left. Over on the road, past a lovely wall, the old people have started marching creepily. Apparently, it's not Rory's ministrations that have kept the people alive so old. The Doctor heads right for them, and the DL appears, wearing a mismatched three-piece in colors that match the Doctor's gear. "Hello, peasants! What's this, attack of the old people?"

The DL asks Amy if she wouldn't enjoy jumping under a bus so they could wake up in the TARDIS, and the Doctor goes steely on him. "Leave her alone." It's intense, and sort of hot, which the DL points out. Rory says it again, and the DL's less impressed. "But I know where your heart lies, don't I, Amy Pond? Loves a redhead, the Doctor! Has he told you about Elizabeth the First? Well, she thought she was the first..." And they thought she was a virgin.

The Doctor tells him to stop it, and gets very feral in the face area, and finally admits that he's known who the DL was this whole time. Send the analytical ones and the continuity anoraks spinning, this. Chances are the less you know, the more obvious the DL has become. On a show with less history, this would be a good line, but on this show, it's a great one: "No idea how you can be here, but there's only one person in the universe who hates me as much as you do."

Then it's time to face off with the olds. They are very old and very creepy. One of them grabs Rory by the face and tosses him quite far, and they have horrible eyeballs in their mouths, on disgusting stalks, and those are attached to creatures inside them, and the eyeballs spray some kind of dusting-you gas, and it's just so gross. So gross! Rory's like, "Are those going to be peeping out of anywhere else?" The Doctor sends the kids on their way and gets to the monsters' sociology: "You are Eknodines. A proud, ancient race: You're better than this. Why are you hiding away here? Why aren't you at home?"

At which point, things get intense. If none of this is real, then everything is something else. There's the DL orchestrating it, but the ingredients come from dreams. The choice is between his two hearts: What's the danger on the TARDIS? Something like ice, and fire, that draws you slowly into its orbit; that has no face and no heart at all. And what's the danger here in Leadworth? The olds. He completes their sentences as they speak them: "We were driven from our planet by upstart neighbors." The second he saw that wedding gown in her room, the second she jumped on him, he knew he'd never really have her. "So we've been living here, inside the bodies of old humans, for years." Running their Tawdry Quirk shops and feeding their purple space dogs, hiding aliens inside.

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