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Asylum of the Daleks

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The Creepy Dalek Puppet Show

The Doctor points out that if a ship could get in, then all the crazy Daleks could get out, which he thinks the regular Daleks wouldn't want. "The Asylum must be cleansed!" says a white Dalek. "Cleansed" obviously means "destroyed," but for some reason, the Doctor doesn't argue that the PM just got through saying it would be offensive to do such a thing. Anyway, they can't just blast it out of the sky because it has an impenetrable (unless you're a cruise ship) force field that can only be turned off from the inside (which seems like a real design flaw) and they're too scared to go down to do it themselves. The Doctor guesses the last part, and they don't argue. "The Predator of the Daleks will be deployed," says a Dalek. Much to the Doctor's surprise and dismay, they're talking about him and not that one ugly motherfucker who likes to hunt Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Doctor is still protesting his new nickname when the puppets give him a special bracelet to protect him from something called the "nanocloud." They then give bracelets to Amy and Rory, explaining, "It is known the Doctor requires companions," as an excuse to have these characters in this episode. They all get blasted through the field via gravity beam and wind up in slightly different spots on the surface of the Asylum.

A man in a white parka is trying to drill his way into a hatch when he hears Amy screaming. He finds her lying in the snow. She comes to and starts calling for Rory and the Doctor. The man in the parka says his name is Harvey. He chases after Amy as she sets off looking for her boys.

Elsewhere, the Doctor is still out when a periscope pops up from the snow and focuses on him. He opens his eyes, sees the periscope, and is greeted by a blast of Bizet. The music cuts off. "Sorry," Oswin says. "Pressed the wrong switch!" When he's confused about her using Dalek technology, she explains she hacked it. The transmission goes sketchy and cuts out. Amy and Harvey find the Doctor. They set off in search of Rory and a deep hole cut into the planet's surface.

The hole ends in a chamber filled with rusty old Daleks. Rory wakes up in the middle of them and just about poops his pants. The Daleks remain silent and still. After a bit, Rory gets up the courage to poke one of them. It doesn't react. Feeling braver, he sets out to explore the chamber.

Meanwhile, up on the surface, Harvey leads the Doctor and Amy to one of the Alaska's escape pods in search of rescue equipment. He explains that the ship crashed two days ago, which conflicts with Oswin's year-long stranding. The pod is filled with decaying corpses, all wearing white parkas like Harvey. That his former shipmates are all dead is quite a shock to Harvey, who says he spoke to them not two hours earlier. Then he remembers: "Oh, of course. I died outside. The cold preserved my body. I forgot about dying." An eyestalk pokes out of his forehead. Oh, it's so creepy and awesome. They shove Harvey through an airlock. The Doctor laughs at the cleverness of the nanocloud for turning organic matter into puppets. He's so busy with his exposition that it takes him a moment to realize the corpses have begun moving. Zombie Dalek flesh puppets shamble toward them. Amy and the Doctor fight their way past their gristly, grisly attackers and into the safety of the cockpit. There should have been a whole episode dedicated to an introduction to the Dalek flesh puppets. That would have allowed more time for the true horror of it to really sink in. It would also have given the Doctor enough time to be worried about things like the insidiousness of the nanocloud and Daleks being able to invisibly infiltrate whole worlds.

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