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Asylum of the Daleks

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The Creepy Dalek Puppet Show

Oswin's voice greets them. She makes a snarky remark about the Doctor's prominent chin. They flirt a bit through the monitor, but the Doctor's still puzzled about how she's hacking into everything. At this point, although Oswin has been able to see everything from her position, nobody but the viewers at home have seen her. With Oswin's guidance, they work on finding an escape route through the bottom of the cockpit. The Doctor presses Amy about her problems with Rory. "It's not one of those things you can fix like you can fix your bow tie," she says. She chalks up to "just life," the thing that happens between their adventures with the Doctor. Just as they get the escape hatch open, they discover that Amy has lost her protective bracelet. One of the puppets pulled it off during the scuffle.

Rory is still down in the dusty chamber. He bumps into something that makes a lot of noise, waking the old Daleks. They creak and wheeze. "Eggs," they say. They keep saying it and Rory thinks they're talking about their hemispheres. The Daleks clarify: "Eggs.... stir... meee... nate." They start firing at Rory, who ends up ducking and bouncing around the chamber like he's trapped in a pinball game. Oswin's voice guides him to safety, then flirts a bit to keep him cheerful.

As Amy and the Doctor make their way into the tunnel beneath the pod, Amy wants to know what's going to happen to her. The Doctor explains that the nanocloud is rewriting her. Physical changes will come later, but first her memory will be affected. They've already had this conversation four times without her remembering. "Okay, I'm scared now," she says. He hugs her and says, "Hang on to scared. 'Scared' isn't Dalek." Well, they were scared to go down to the Asylum, but whatever.

Meanwhile, Oswin is still guiding Rory to safety. She calls him "beaky boy" and thinks he and the Doctor should fence each other with their nose and chin, respectively. So... she's a slash fan?

The Doctor is starting to wonder why Oswin can see him but he can't see her on any of the monitors. She says it's to do with limited power. Amy wanders away from the Doctor. She finds a chamber full of people, twirling and dancing. The Doctor catches up to her and tells her the nanocloud is altering her perception. When she looks again, she sees Daleks twirling where there were people. The Doctor finds a Dalek whose weapon is malfunctioning and convinces it that the only way it can destroy the Predator is to self-destruct. He sonics the Dalek right into the middle of all the other Daleks and blows them all up. Rory runs toward the destruction and sees the Doctor carrying an unconscious Amy in his arms.

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