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Asylum of the Daleks

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The Creepy Dalek Puppet Show

They get Amy to a quiet place and lay her down. She wakes up a bit. "Do you remember me?" Rory asks. She slaps him for some reason. "Same old Amy," the Doctor says. Maybe the nanocloud could just erase the part of her that's mean to Rory. Oswin watches everything from her perch. She seems very sad. "Do you know how you make someone into a Dalek? Subtract love, add anger. Doesn't she seem a bit too angry to you?" Amy reminds everyone she's Scottish. The Doctor is growing ever more suspicious of Oswin. That she's been stranded for a year unaffected by the nanocloud and hacking into Dalek systems is unbelievable enough, but it's the souffles that are really troubling him. "Where do you get milk for the souffles?" he asks. Maybe the milk comes from Dalek cows. They run around lowing, "Extermoonate! Extermoonate!"

Oswin changes the subject. She's looked him up in the Dalek database and wonders why they call him the Predator. "I'm not a predator," he protests. "I'm just a man with a plan." He hits the highlights about escaping and rescuing Oswin and adds Amy and Rory's marriage to the list of things that need fixing. He checks with Oswin to make sure she can drop the force field (she can) and then he'll teleport them all to safety because it turns out the thing Amy is lying on is, in fact, a teleporter. The Doctor dashes off to retrieve Oswin, telling Amy to hold onto her humanity by holding onto her love.

The Doctor creeps along a dank, dark corridor en route to Oswin. Daleks can be heard in the distance, muttering to themselves and banging into things. These Daleks don't seem scarier or more insane than the Daleks we've known all along. They mostly seem a bit sad and doddering.

Back in the teleporter room, Rory comes up with a plan to save Amy. He's going to give her his bracelet because he won't be converted as quickly as her. "It's just arithmetic," he says. "It'll take longer with me because we both know... Amy, a basic fact of our relationship is I love you more than you love me." That stings her a bit. He points out that he spent 2000 years waiting for her. She slaps him. "Don't you ever say that to me," she says. You know, if someone slapped me twice in a day, I'd be happy to divorce her. "You kicked me out," he reminds her. Finally, she spills the details. This whole mess is because she thinks he wants lots of kids and has always wanted lots of kids. "And I can't have them," she cries. "Whatever they did to me at Demons Run, I can't ever give you children." Moffat really should have made that "more children," since they did have the one. "I didn't kick you out," she says. "I gave you up."

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