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The Creepy Dalek Puppet Show

Lordy, this is dumb. It's not that infertility as a problem is dumb. It's the way it's used here -- like a deus ex machina in reverse. Instead of the gods dropping by with a contrived solution, you've got a contrived problem that's been wedged into the plot. It doesn't arise from what we know of the characters. There's never been any indication that Rory has baby rabies or that Amy would think he'd be happier without her. It's not about Amy and Rory as characters. It's about drama for drama's sake. That's how it's dumb. It's too bad, too, because the actors are acting their little hearts out.

At some point, they realize that Amy is already wearing the Doctor's bracelet. He put it on her while she slept and then didn't tell them so they would argue and solve their problems. Maybe?

To get to Oswin, the Doctor has to pass through the intensive care unit. It's filled with Daleks from wars that the Doctor recognizes by name. "These are the Daleks who survived me," he says. They come to life at the sound of his voice. The final door standing between the Doctor and Oswin is locked. While she searches for a release code, the Doctor is left to stare down his old enemies. They advance on him. Oswin can't open the door, so she hacks into the Daleks' telepathic web and deletes all their information on him. The Daleks back away, no longer recognizing him. Finally, Oswin gets the door open and the Doctor peers into her room for the first time. His face falls.

She scurries around, packing a suitcase, thinking she's about to travel the universe with the Doctor. "Does it look real to you?" he asks her. "Where you are now, does it seem real?" She's confused. "It is real," she says. He tells her it's a dream. "You dreamed it for yourself because the truth was too terrible." As the camera pans slowly around the Doctor, we get our first look at Oswin. She is a Dalek. As he confronts her with the truth, she remembers climbing out of her escape pod, still human, and being captured by the Daleks and converted into one of them because they needed her particular brand of genius. The milk and eggs for her souffle were all part of her delusion. "Eggs...stir... minate." She advances on the Doctor, gun at the ready. He begs her to stop.

Inside her mind, or what's left of it, her human self-image cries and huddles against the door. The monitor through which she's been seeing is actually her eyestalk. "Why do they hate you so much?" she asks in her Dalek voice. It's the same voice that all Daleks have, but tinged with the inflections of human speech, which makes it even more horrible. "I fought them... many, many times," he says. "We have grown stronger in fear of you," Oswin says, suddenly switching pronouns. The Doctor seems a bit... ashamed? "I tried to stop," he says. She tells him to run. She hops up (in her mind) and turns off the force field. "I am Oswin Oswald. I fought the Daleks and I am human. Remember me." She says it to us in the audience, too, because it will be important a few months from now.

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