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Asylum of the Daleks

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The Creepy Dalek Puppet Show

The Parliament ship has already begun its attack. The Doctor runs through exploding corridors. Amy and Rory kiss in the teleporter room. They kiss and kiss, unaware of the destruction around them. The Doctor grabs the controller from them and zaps them all back up to the Parliament ship.

The PM and other assorted Daleks are confused when they realize something has teleported onto their ship. The Doctor pops out of the TARDIS to gloat instead of just, say, getting the hell out of Dodge. "Identify yourself," the Daleks demand. "It's me! You know me," he says. "The Doctor. The oncoming storm. The Predator!" The redheaded puppet gives him a blank look and says, "Titles are meaningless in this context. Doctor who?" They ask him again and again, like Dorium did at the end of "The Wedding of River Song." The Doctor grins because he realizes Oswin has made all the Daleks forget him, and not just those on the Asylum planet. The memory wipe as plot device pissed me off when it happened to Lex on Smallville, but this time it's not happening at the end of the series. There's time to deal with it. I'll spare the show my snark. For now.

The Doctor drops Amy and Rory off at their house, and I guess everyone is cured of their nanocloud infection. The Doctor flits about the TARDIS, repeating "Doctor who! Doctor who!" like a nutjob. There's a chance -- more than a chance -- that he belongs in an asylum himself.

Tippi Blevins is a freelance time traveler. Email her at, or find her @TippiB.

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