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Male programmer admits that this is a matter for the Controller, and the Archive, where they can figure out about all the irregular transmat activities. Male programmer tries to call up Archive Six, but the Controller puts him off: "Continue working." But there's a security problem, he explains. Still, he is told to "continue working." But male programmer can't, because there are contestants outside the games and the alarms have not gone off, he explains. The Controller tells male programmer, "No security. The games continue." She's covering her demigod ass, and you'd never know. There is no problem here. "They are no one," she says. The same words as the Editor, with the opposite meaning. What privileged the information over the reality, for the Editor -- they don't exist because they're extra -- is now her way of keeping the Doctor safe, her way of using this binary opposition of what's transmitted v. what's true, against itself. If the Station is a Game, then think of the Editor as a programmer: he's got the cheat codes, he can edit and rewrite the transmission, which you could mistake for reality. But the Controller, she's in control of not just the codes, but the box on your living room floor, and the room around it, and the space in the air between you and it. The football field that the Archon plays upon. She's editing, but it's not just the transmissions. What's awesome is, on first blush, you can't see any of this: the way she's using the relays and the solar activity to save the Doctor from the fates laid out by the Archon, whoever he or she is -- the Controller's creepy-looking, and talks like a neurotic robot, and she's got wires and shit coming out of her head. But it's all there, and it's beautiful. The secret grace inside the machine, the heart of the Gamestation, that saves.

Lady programmer tries to open the Archive with a hand-activated panel like we saw in the spike ritual a hundred years ago, and it causes the Controller pain: "Archive Six is out of bounds." The Controller goes a bit nuts now, scared and unable to move: "Archive Six is out of bounds. No one may enter Archive Six. Return to work." You'd think she was protecting the Archon, his secret transmats -- not hiding things from Him. Genius, this. She falls back into herself, muttering. "Return to work. Inform all staff: solar flares in delta point seven. 19...20...." That's how long until she's free again.

Jack attaches the Compact Laser Deluxe to the Defabricator and creates a gun from it, and possibly a Sopranos reference for himself, and says farewell to the ladies: "Got myself a gun! Well, ladies. The pleasure was all mine...which is the only thing that matters, in the end." He exits, finding himself on Floor 299, and immediately uses his wrist tech thing to find the Doctor's two hearts. Good little Companion.

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