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Jack comes running up to the Doctor and Lynda all "Hey, handsome!" and they embrace and decide to track down Rose, who's in a shielded game room. The Doctor gets a bit snippy when Jack informs him of the downside of the games, and they work together to find her in the Station using Jack's wrist thingy. While the Doctor searches, Lynda and Jack say hello, and the Doctor gets shirty about Jack flirting right in front of him. "I was just saying hello!" Jack says, grinning, and the Doctor points out that there's no difference in Jack World. Lynda pipes up that she's not exactly complaining, and there's more flirting. After a lot of computer-related bitching and grumpiness about the computers, and letting Jack know about the Station's unknown secondary transmissions, the Doctor comes clean to Jack. "This whole Bad Wolf thing's tied up with me. Someone's manipulating my entire life. It's some sort of trap, and Rose is stuck inside it." Which is scary and suspenseful, but doesn't say the second part, which is: "...And so am I." These Ahriman tales, they always end up with the God stuck inside the prison he created. So I guess the question is: is the Doctor strong and smart and good enough to turn Lucifer on his own ass? Of course he is! He's awesome! Or if you like the Gnostic story better: who's going to be the Sophia that breaks it all back down into divinity?

We cut back and forth from Rose to the A group: As Rose gets another one wrong, they locate her floor, and Lynda tells them she's "with the Anne Droid." Rodrick gets another one wrong, and then Rose gets one right: "Rose, the oldest inhabitant of the Isop Galaxy is the Face of what?" But even you know that one: "The Face of Boe." Rodrick and Anne are impressed by that one. Jack, Lynda and the Doctor find that even in 200,000 years give or take, elevators on TV shows still take just as long as they have to. Rose and Rodrick are tied in the final round. Rodrick answers correctly that "the President of the Red Velvets" was "Hoshbin Frane," and I find that whole thing very interesting, but I don't know what it means, other than the dessert. Rose gets the next one wrong -- planet of origin for "the dish Gaffabeque" -- and guesses Mars, and not for nothing but the correct answer is Lucifer.

Rodrick's extremely pleased, in a gross sort of way. They both get the next ones wrong, so Rodrick's up one and there's only a question left for each. The Doctor and his Companions come flying out onto Floor 407, where they can hear Anne's voice echoing. Rodrick gets one wrong as they locate the correct game room, and start to work on the door just as Rose is answering her final question. "Which Icelandic city hosted Murder Spree Twenty?" (Does that count as the Series 7 shout-out I've been praying for this entire time?) And she names the only Icelandic city anybody knows: "Reykjavik?" Aren't there like four total anyhow? Iceland is so cool. The correct answer is "Pola Ventura," the game is over, Rodrick is the Strongest Link -- he looks over without pity, high on life: "You've lost!" I know it's a rough spot, but he's still kind of a dick, isn't he?

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