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Rose, terrified, begins to beg, asking for the Doctor: "He's got to be here somewhere -- he's always here! He wouldn't just leave me!" Anne congratulates Rodrick, ignoring her, and Rose's voice rises to a scream: "This game is illegal! I'm telling you to stop!" I'm not liking Rose so much right now, considering she toned this shit down for the whole game, once poor Broff was gone. The floor manager gets distracted, as the Doctor, Jack, and Lynda finally come charging into the room. Anne is giving a speech: "Rose, you leave this life with nothing..." The Doctor calls out to Rose over Anne's speech. Jack and the Doctor scream and cry out for them to stop, but nothing can stop the game. The Doctor sprints toward Rose. Rose leaves the podium and runs toward him, shouting caution about Anne's laser. Anne Droid delivers her "You are the weakest link" catch phrase and shoots her laser. Rose screams, and falls, and dies. Feet away from the Doctor, his arms still held out toward the space she left behind.

The Doctor crouches and touches dust. The smoke clears around him. He stares. Jack threatens Rodrick and the staff with his gun, and when the security guards arrive and approach the Doctor, it's Jack's voice that rings out, nearly broken: "Don't you touch him! Leave him alone!" They put their guns to the Doctor's head; he does nothing. Jack shouts and curses them as his hands are tied, but the Doctor doesn't hear it. The voices go away. Even as they're cuffing him, he looks at the dust of Rose, and weeps silently. Security gives a speech, it goes unheard. Half of him is gone.

The Doctor's face comes slamming into a grate, as Security searches him in the lockup. They pull out his screwdriver, he doesn't move or speak. Security asks the Doctor, "Can you tell us the purpose of this device, sir?" It doesn't have one.

Lynda tries to protect the Doctor as they're being interrogated, but the guard grabs her roughly by the chin. "I'm asking him." He shoves her. "Sir? Can you tell us who you are?"

The Doctor stands against a wall under a harsh light. He faces us, the camera flashes. He turns to the left, in the silence. The camera flashes. He turns to the right.

Security tells the Doctor, "You will be taken from this place to the Lunar Penal Colony, there to be held without trial, you may not appeal against this sentence." The Doctor doesn't move or look or hear. Jack doesn't move. Lynda shifts but won't look at the men. "Is that understood?" No response. Nothing.

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