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Jack enters the room, and finds the TARDIS standing there. He fits the key into the lock (SEE?) and enters. The hum and thrum of it is very comforting. Just inside the door are a few pieces of clothing, slung over the rail, including Jack's jeans and the jacket Rose was wearing when they are all abducted. He touches it sadly, and the leans into the TARDIS screens: "What the hell?"

The Controller states, "Solar flare activity at delta point zero." The lady programmer complains at the Doctor that the frightened staff should be released. He points out that they've been executing hundreds of contestants every day and doesn't deserve any favors. She pisses him off forevermore: "That's not our fault, we're just doing our jobs." He takes away her right to even talk to him, and then tells her to back off, disgusted. I think he'd be that grossed out even without the Rose factor. I wonder if he's even letting himself go there at all. Some of the engines and screens get staticky, and the male programmer explains that the solar flares interfere with the broadcast signal, so there are automatic power-downs, and they show reruns on Earth. "It's all quite normal," he says, as if the Doctor cares about interrupted programming.

"Doctor..." comes a tiny voice. The lady programmer tries to alert the Doctor to the Controller, but he still hates her. The lady programmer ignores his disregard, and tells the Docotr, "I think she wants you." He turns around to look at the Controller, and strides toward her. "Doctor? Doctor? Where's the Doctor?" He stands before her. The Controller: "Can't see. I'm blind. So blind. All my life, blind. All I can see is numbers, but I saw you." I like to think that this isn't just grace; I like to think of Suki tapping away somewhere long ago. "Solar flares hiding me. They can't hear me -- my -- my masters, they always listen, but they can't hear me now. The sun. The sun is so bright...." She explains that she's wired so she cannot utter the names of her masters. Ialdabaoth, Saklas, Samael. The Controller: "They control my thoughts, my masters... my masters, I had to be careful. They monitor the transmissions, but they don't watch the programs. I could hide you inside the games." Everybody stares. The Doctor gives her the cold look: "Doesn't matter." He freaks out on her about that -- again, she's like a Cassandra, never lying but telling all of it backwards -- but she continues, telling it as fast as she can without saying anything she can't say. "They've been hiding. My masters, hiding in the dark space, watching and shaping the Earth. So, so, so many years. They've always been there. Guiding humanity, hundreds and hundred of years. They wait. They plan and grow in numbers, they're strong now. So strong, my masters --" I thought, who's that guy, not the Master, but the one that looks like the Jigsaw Killer. Davros. Somebody behind it. She adds, "But they speak of you. My masters, they fear the Doctor." You know what, I think we've been played.

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