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Jack and the male programmer flirt at great length about the transmat logs, and again the Doctor tells him to chill. The lady programmer, who I guess is now provisionally okay Excellently asks the Doctor to explain what's going on, and he tells her: "Going way back -- installing the Jagrafess a hundred years ago. Someone's been playing a long game. Controlling the Human Race from behind the scenes for generations." Jack reveals the location that the second transmat is taking them, and girl programmer is like, "There's nothing there." Which is the point: "Looks like nothing," says the Doctor. "That's what this satellite does. Underneath the transmission, there's another signal...hiding whatever's out there. Hiding it from sonar, radar, scanner.... There's something sitting right on top of Planet Earth...but it's completely invisible."

The Doctor cancels the signal, and before them lies a spaceship, revolving slowly, tearing his eyes wider. A chorus begins to scream, in Hebrew, and what they are asking is: "What is happening?" I feel kind of guilty for wishing they'd come back (or maybe the guilt is just a natural response whenever I hear Hebrew these days). We zoom out on hundreds more, all the same. Jack gasps that it's impossible, that "they" were all destroyed. "Obviously, they survived," says the Doctor, who's had kind of a big day and can be forgiven for being a bit blasé this late in the afternoon. Over Lynda's unheard questions, his fear rises. "Two hundred ships. More than two thousand on board each one. That's just about half a million of them." The male programmer asks "Half a million what?" and the Doctor answers: "Daleks."

The Daleks swarm around Rose, having a time of it, freaking out that the Doctor's located them, and they immediately summon her as a hostage and open a channel to the Gamestation. "I will talk to the Doctor," says one. "Oh, will you?" the Doctor snits. "That's nice. Hello!" And then the Doctor's grin fades quickly. A Dalek announces, "The Dalek Stratagem nears completion. The Fleet is almost ready. You will not intervene." And the reason why the Doctor won't intervene is because the Daleks have Rose. She stares at the Doctor on the screen and shivers. "No," the Doctor says, and everyone on Gamestation gives a giant "SAY WHAT?" On the Dalek ship, Rose's mouth hangs open a bit wider than usual.

"Explain yourself," shrieks a Dalek, and the Doctor repeats his response. This bit is like a spelling bee: "What is the meaning of this negative?" He explains that it means "No," and the Dalek tries to reiterate that that means Rose is toast.

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