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So that's thing one: the God/Demiurge thing is going to come back with a vengeance, and Nine's already a God, so that means Rose has to do whatever it is, because Lynda's ass is grass and the Controller got zapped. I'd love her as a Sophia figure, somehow bringing the light of God into the paltry trap/matter/cage of the false reality. Taking it apart and restoring the divine. Seems unlikely given her pointlessness/suckiness the past few episodes. It would make me feel smart, anyhow. The reason I was so taken with my Gnostic and Zoroastrian stories in "Long Game" was because I like the subversive take on Lucifer as Redeemer: that if you're trapped in the maze with the Devil, and the Devil wants out, then who is the bad or good guy? And isn't "God" just a fake out for the real God? Ask Milton. But I doubt that's how it'll shake out, like I said. I can't see this show going to the Goddess of Truth vs. the Imperfect Watchmaker route. Still, it's nice to fantasize. Especially given this latest development of the Doctor setting himself up as the False God and seeing how wrong things went for his little insignificant ordinary people, that didn't manage to work it out. Things that go "click" make me feel very smart and I like to feel smart. Power over the narrative.

And Bad Wolf? Total gyp this week. I feel like at this point Bad Wolf cannot be something bad. It has to be something beautiful, because all the ugly things are beautiful and all the seemingly normal things are ugly, on this show. Another chance at grace. What's the most beautiful thing a wolf could be? Maybe Nancy figures in? That seems a bit too Farscape, bringing in supporting characters at the last second. But then, that's the Dalek, basically, from the brink of extinction. So I think Bad Wolf will be...not even a warning, maybe. Something beautiful. If I wrote it, the light of the TARDIS would factor in, but that's just because I've been obsessed since "Father's Day" with the TARDIS as an angel, (aggelos, messenger, minister of grace), as a connection to the true God that is Everything, the infinity of timespace and everything that ever was or will be, in its complex wonder. How could she not be? All this giving and taking away of keys and such as a way of demonstrating love and intimacy. Love being the key that gets you inside. And after Blon, that seems to be how the show thinks, too. But it's such a random, late-introduced concept that I don't think it would seem realistic in the forty year historical aspect of the show. Deus Ex Machina as deus ex machina. Still, I can see the angel TARDIS sending out the Bad Wolf in some way, trying to translate reality into something that the Doctor would understand. I think I want the TARDIS to just be the Bad Wolf, Medium As Message-style. Imagine that much love. If the loud, crashing, bright scary thing that was coming to get you was God all along. And He was only coming to take you home.

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