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The Doctor attempts to use his sonic screwdriver to escape, but it is no match for Big Brother, ever since the "deadlock" was put in during Season 504 and "they all walked out." There's a mirror made of "exoglass," that you'd need a nuke to get through, and all manner of unsatisfactory exits everywhere, and finally Lynda asks the Doctor the question that she's been thinking about the whole time: "I know you're not supposed to talk about the outside world, but you must've been watching. Do people like me? Lynda with a "Y", not Linda with an "I" -- she got forcibly evicted because she damaged the camera." The Doctor grins and nods and isn't listening. "Am I popular?" Lynda asks again. (Even if you know the creepiness here, keep in mind that they get voted out by viewers: it's not that kind of question. This whole sequence is a lead-up, so you might not notice how fast the desperation starts. She's not looking for fame. Like when the Doctor told Adam to "open his mind" at the beginning of the episode: clever like that.) The Doctor's bored and irritated by this kind of behavior, but Lynda presses: "Oh, but does that mean I'm nothing? Some people get this far just 'cause they're insignificant. Doesn't anybody notice me?" And well, welcome to the Doctor's buttons, Lynda. He gives her a serious look, because there's nobody that was ever insignificant. "No. You're nice. You're sweet. Everybody thinks you're sweet." He grins, and she glows. "Am I sweet? Really?" And he gets those eyes, above the grin, with all the love in the world: "Dead sweet!" I like the Doctor. So does Lynda, who's quite taken by this. He nods at a solid black wall: "Isn't there supposed to be a garden out there?" Not since Adam and Eve. Maybe before. I knew his nightmare was being stuck in a box. "Don't tell me you've got a garden!" gasps Lynda. "No, I've just got the TARDIS...." Click. It's about intimacy. The Doctor is inspired: "I remember."

The Doctor continues: "We'd just left Raxacoricofallapatorius. Then we went to Kyoto, that's right. Japan in 1336, and we only just escaped," which: Google the Muromachi Period and dust it for the Doctor's thick and spatulate fingerprints. Rose and Jack and the Doctor were laughing together, having a good old time like between every adventure, and then a bright light takes over the frame of his flashback: Rose, sucked back away from the camera, into the light, reaching out to him. The scariest thing, inside the safest place. "And then I woke up here," the Doctor says, as the whole screen goes white.

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