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Margaret: "But I wonder if you could do it? To sit with a creature you're about to kill and take supper. How strong is your stomach?" The Doctor's reply is that it's strong enough. My reply would be: "That depends on how Slitheen eat." They look like slurpers. Margaret: "I've seen you fight your enemies, now dine with them." This is very old story stuff too, this eating with the enemy. I love that. Those hearth laws are older than the oldest testaments -- if you don't have refrigeration or Band-Aids or A/C, the way you treat fellow-travelers means everything, because it keeps your race from becoming extinct. "You won't change my mind," says the Doctor, and she dares him to prove it. Which of course means he's going to, not that he wasn't before, but don't dare the Doctor to do things or he will do them. "There are people out there," the Doctor says, almost crestfallen, that could be killed if she got loose. Captain Jack, from ex machina, pulls a couple of bracelets: "You both wear one. If she moves more than ten feet away...ZZZZZZT! She gets zapped by ten thousand volts." Jack comes with handcuffs. Hands up if you're surprised by that. I'm with Mickey, this episode: Is that really how far down Jack goes? Because he was interesting for a second, and now he's like...well, two to go, no stress. This episode's about exactly what it's about, which is the Doctor, so it's cool. He's a bit queasy: "Margaret, would you like to come out to dinner? My treat?" And she gives the nastiest little smile back: "Dinner and for me." Then a commercial break so you can really let that settle in.

Montage: The Doctor and Margaret enter her restaurant chatting and holding hands, because of the bracelets: the snake you put in your pocket so it won't go loose. Captain Jack lies alone in the TARDIS, still messing about with wiring: the snake you put in your pocket because it's pretty, which...may or may not be a snake, depending on...the memories that were stolen from Time Agents. Yeah, the metaphor kind of breaks down. Mickey walks Rose down the sidewalk, happy and in love: the snake you put in your pocket because you can't help yourself. As the Doctor and Margaret take their seats, Jack gets the lights on the extrapolator to flash, and smiles wonderfully. I don't know what the parallel structure here is supposed to...oh wait, yes I do. It's not the TARDIS that Jack's on a date with, it's the extrapolator: the snake you put in your pocket because it was shiny and made you feel strong. That's smart. And necessary! Good job.

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