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Truth Like Glass

As the Doctor and Margaret peruse their menus, she chastises him: "Here we are, out on a date, and you haven't even asked my proper name!" He squeals that it's not a date, and immediately asks her name. She tells him it's Blon Fel Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen: "That's what it'll say on my death certificate." He says that it's nice to meet her and goes back to his menu. She stares over his shoulder. "Look...that's where I was living as Margaret." He turns around, and Blon empties a little powder from a poisoner's ring into his glass, chatting about its real estate stats. He turns back around and swaps their glasses with a smile, and goes back to his menu. She smiles sarcastically, he smiles a bit less. "Tell me then, Doctor," she says, "what do you know of our species?"The Doctor says only what he's seen, which I guess means killing and farting. Blon adds, "Did you know, for example, in extreme cases -- when her life is in danger -- a female Raxacoricofallapatorian can manufacture a poison dart within her own finger..." And then she shoots a dart at him from her fingertip; he catches it without even looking up. Dude, he's so awesome. "Yes I did," he says pleasantly, and they sort of joke around how awesome this date is turning out to be. Blon leans in close: "And one more thing, between you and me..." He leans in tight, as well, like there's a secret to be had. "As a final resort, the excess poison can be exhaled through the lungs. HOOO!" Blon breathes out a green gas, and the Doctor squirts her mouth with breath freshener. "That's better," he says, and leans back. "Now then, what d'you think? Mmm, steak looks nice. Steak and chips!" She's kind of disgusted as she goes back to her menu. That reminds me, I haven't watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith in, like, hours. Be right back.

Man I like that movie. So Rose and Mickey are loitering and wandering around near the bay still. Rose is going on and on, and Mickey's failing to seem quite as interested as he's shooting for. She has a cool little monologue though, so here it is: "The Doctor took me to this planet a while back -- it was much colder than this -- they called it 'Woman Wept'. The planet was actually called 'Woman Wept', because if you looked at it, right, from above, there's, like, this huge continent, like all curved round...sort of looked like a woman, you know...lamenting. Oh, my God, and we went to this beach, right, no people, no buildings, just this beach like, a thousand miles across! And something had happened, something to do with the sun, I don't know, but the sea had just frozen! Like, in a split second in the middle of a storm, right, waves and foam, just frozen! All the way out to the horizon. Midnight, right, we walk underneath these waves a hundred feet tall, made of ice." That is really fabulous. I wish Russell Davies wrote comics so he didn't have to have a budget all the time. Mickey blurts that he's now going out with Trisha Delaney because he's bored, and because he has no inner light whatsoever. Rose just stares: "Right. That's nice.... Trisha from the shop? ...she's nice. She's a bit...big," Mickey stares at Rose and gets all justificationy: "She lost weight! You've been away!" Rose congratulates him more enthusiastically, and he calms down and asks her to tell him more about the awesome planets. Rose is like, "That was it, really..." Oooh, rough. That part kind of got to me. They just keep walking, silent, refusing to figure it out.

"Public execution," quoth Blon, "is a slow death. They prepare a thin acetic acid, lower me into the cauldron...and boil me. The acidity is perfectly gauged to strip away the skin. Internal organs fall out into the liquid. And I become soup. And still alive. Still screaming." The Doctor tells Blon he doesn't make the law, and she says that he delivers it, and he doesn't respond to that, but it's not true. He's not delivering the law -- he's taking her home because she's proven that she can't be trusted out in the big universe. "Will you stay to watch?" she asks, but what she's really saying is nothing she hasn't said before: you can't look me in the eye and do this. "What else can I do?" he sighs, but he's not answering her either -- he means that it's his job to look her in the eye and do it. By capturing her and dining with her, Blon's become his responsibility. She tells him that there are plenty of other Slitheen family groups off-world everywhere, and they could shelter her. Which is, admittedly, a smooth reading on her part of the Doctor's lateral-jump way of doing things. But again, she's proven that she can't be trusted. "But then you'll just start again," he counters, and she whispers that she won't. The Doctor counters: "You've been in that skin-suit too long. You've forgotten. There used to be a real Margaret Blaine. You killed her, and stripped her, and used the skin. You're pleading for mercy out of a dead woman's lips." Good, good line, and one that gets the whole thing out of the way. The best argument for not killing is that it brings "killing" as a concept back on the board -- and how much more so from his immortal perspective? Blon pleads that she's gotten used to being human, living an "ordinary" life, and that's all she really wants now. And he stares her down. "Give me a chance, Doctor... I can change," she says. You could buy it. There are tears in her eyes, but the Doctor doesn't buy it: "I don't believe you." And she leans back again.

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