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Truth Like Glass

Blon speaks more quickly, as though she knows something is coming: "In the family Slitheen, we had no choice. I was made to carry out my first kill at thirteen. If I'd refused, my father would have fed me to the Venom Grubs." (Which appeared in "The Web Planet," First Doctor story; I'm not going to make a habit of doing this, but I like it in this one because the whole episode's so continuity heavy.) And I get where she's coming from, but also: still not the point. The Doctor hears the rumbling from the last scene, and stops paying attention, even as Blon's still refusing to take full responsibility for what she is: "If I'm a killer, it's because I was born to kill -- it's all I know!" His non-answers are eloquent, even if they're just because he's not paying attention. Blon: "Doctor? Are you even listening to me? I'm begging for my life!" "No," and "This isn't about you," respectively. He looks down at the table, and sees the glasses shake, which generally means there are T-Rexes afoot...and then the windows of the restaurant explode inwards, and the screaming starts.

Outside, street lights explode, and the Welsh are screaming, and Mickey spots Rose running for the TARDIS: "Oh, go on then, run! It's him again, isn't it? It's the Doctor! It's always the Doctor! It's always gonna be the Doctor and it's never me!" And maybe that's why I hate Mickey so much: where's Rose, in that equation? Where's the "always Rose"?

The Doctor and Blon take off through the crowd, but she's huffing and puffing and screwed because of the bracelets -- she can't keep up, but if she doesn't, she'll die. The Doctor waits for her, and takes off the cuff, but grabs her wrist. Giving a good impression of deathly fear, she promises to stay close to him, and then shouts that he's a shitty date. Rose and I disagree. People screaming, cracks in the pavement, and then, around the corner, lightning shooting out of the TARDIS and into the sky. It's the Rift. The Rift is opening. Clouds gather and whirl.

Inside the TARDIS, Jack freaks out at all the sparks and scariness and tries to rip out the extrapolator's wires. Some date he turned out to be.

The Doctor and Blon hurry across Millennium Square, cracks opening beneath their feet, Blon terrified as the Doctor shakily sticks the TARDIS key (ding!) in the lock and yanking her in with him. Everything shakes and sparks, and the Doctor's all over Jack: "What the hell are you doing?" Jack protests that everything just went crazy, and then the Doctor does, too: "It's the Rift! Time and space are ripping apart. The whole city's gonna disappear!" The Rift is a scar. Nothing stays buried. Maybe Blon was right about the Doctor always running off.

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