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Truth Like Glass

The Doctor exclaims that they can take her home, give her to a different family that might raise her properly. Which, given that their penal system involves turning people into living, screaming soup, seems a bit optimistic to me, but the Doctor knows. "She might be worse," says Jack, and the Doctor reminds him that that's her choice, too -- it always was -- it's still her responsibility to live the life she's been given. "She's an...egg," Rose digests, and remembers Mickey. Nice. She dashes out into Millennium Square.

A few blocks away the police are cleaning up the Doctor's mess, ambulances and heroes. At first, Rose doesn't see Mickey amongst all the excitement, but he watches her ask a paramedic where he is, and come up with no answer, and go off looking for him elsewhere. Mickey turns and walks back into the night. Smart guy, and kind, and strong: he's making a hard choice, too.

Back inside, the Doctor and Jack are still working, since the opening of the Rift has powered up the TARDIS to capacity. The Doctor sees tears on the returned Rose's cheeks, and asks whether Mickey's okay. Rose: "He's okay. He's gone." Jack and the Doctor glance at each other, and tell her that they'll wait if she wants to find him, but she shakes her head: "No need. He deserves better." Jack and the Doctor fake the kindness of all business, flipping levers and stuff. "Off we go, then. Always moving on ..." the Doctor says, but he doesn't mean it the way Blon did. He means it the way the TARDIS did. "Next stop, Raxacoricofallapatorious. Now, you don't often get to say that," babbles Jack, and smirks. The Doctor says that they'll "just stop by and pop her in the hatchery," and then Blon can live her life again! "A second chance," he says. And Rose stares, as the engines rise and the TARDIS vanishes: "That'd be nice...." And then we look at the egg, in the light, and all the things it might turn out to hold.

Next week there's no episode, and then there are the last two. A break is fine by me because I'm scared with all that "furnace" talk, which when combined with all the "David Tennant" talk, and the fact that the next episode is called "Bad Wolf," is scary. Is the Bad Wolf just his furnace after all? I like that more than any theory so far. He's a wonderful man, this Doctor, and he deserves a big final exam. There's more to life than dancing. The difference between gods and heroes -- and the jury's out on which one applies to the Doctor, for now -- is apotheosis. Gods don't die, they just change. But heroes die, in sacrifice -- and now that he's ready for the furnace, what truth will the Doctor make?

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