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Truth Like Glass

Jack surprises the Doctor spying on Rose and Mickey as they take off, using the TARDIS scanner, and the Doctor quickly shuts it down. It's actually kind of weird, the way he acts in this moment -- more guilty and intense than you might expect. Margaret darkly delivers a speech: "I gather it's not always like this, having to wait.... I bet you're always the first to leave, Doctor. Never mind the consequences, off you go. You butchered my family and then ran for the stars, am I right? But not this time. At last, you have does it feel?" Which sounds like bullshit to me, even though the Doctor totally co-signs it. Yeah, the Doctor generally takes off at the end of each episode...but only after doing shit like saving the world and making sure he's not created any weird paradoxes. It would be a weird fucking show if the Doctor took off in the middle of the story like that. I guess it's a POV issue, though: from where Margaret's standing, he came in after things got good and left again before she was half done. But she was dead, it's not like he left a loose end. Whatever, I'm sure there's a point here, but like I said, I don't always jibe with this reading of the Doctor. And this is not an armwrestling contest, and I'm not the showrunner, so yes, I'm the crazy one. But then, that's all I'm really saying, that my personal response is: "I don't get it, here's why." The Doctor whines back at Margaret that he didn't "butcher" her family, and Jack's shocked as his low level of cool: "Don't answer back, that's what she wants!" But for some reason the Doctor's gotta defend this to Jack, as well ("I didn't!") and then bitches at Margaret for teleporting out of there alone. You're all idiots! They fully admitted to a plan which involved killing everyone on Earth! He stopped the plan! What's the problem? That not everybody lives? Is that really it? Is she going to get him because of all the times that didn't happen? Did the Doctor just become stupid?

Margaret confesses that her teleport only carries one, and that she was flying blind and ended up "on a skip in the Isle of Dogs," which sounds exciting, but actually just means a garbage dump in the East End. They laugh, she yells, they apologize, then laugh, she laughs along with them. I should just start assigning case numbers to the cliché scenes. That was Case #3427: "Not Funny! Well Okay, It Kind Of Is! Now We All Have Respect For Each Other And A Certain Détente Has Been Reached...For The Moment!" She interrupts the non-funny non-laughter non-mood disruption long enough to ask for a last request. The Doctor's smile clatters to the floor and he asks what it is. Margaret: "I grew quite fond of my little human life, all those rituals. The brushing of the teeth, and the complicated way they cook things...there's a little restaurant. Just 'round the bay. It became quite a favorite of mine." So she wants a last meal? The Doctor comes closer, and she complains that she has rights. Which...she doesn't, but whatever. Margaret pleads,"Don't I have rights?" with this snotty tone like she's going to tell the Massacre Police on him. Jack totally scoffs tha she's going to escape, and Margaret gets bitter: "Except I can never escape the Doctor, so where's the danger?" When she looks like a lizard, she has big black baby eyes. When she looks like a woman, she sometimes gets snaky eyes. (What is this actor's name? Annette Badland. She was in The Worst Witch and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and on Coronation Street, and now she's on The Archers. Well done, Annette.)

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