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The Doctor's Farewell Reunion Tour

The Doctor marches off toward the TARDIS, arguing with himself, trying to make himself not notice the flickering streetlights. "Am I noticing? No. And what I'm not doing is scanning for electrical fluctuations!" Naturally, he's got the sonic screwdriver out at this point and is waving it around at the street. "I'm going," he says. "I am through saving them! I'm going away now!" Even he doesn't really seem to believe himself.

Bright and early the next morning, he's at the department store, demonstrating a toy airplane for a gaggle of utterly rapt children. He accidentally steers it into Craig, who's pushing Alfie around in a stroller. Craig is stunned to see him. The Doctor gleefully tells him he's working there now and shows off the name tag pinned to his suspenders. Appropriately, it reads "The Doctor: Here to help." Craig is too exhausted from baby duty to question the Doctor too much, although he does mention the Doctor is missing that galactic alignment. Craig is evidently a good listener. Good catch, Sophie. The Doctor plays with a robot dog for a bit -- even though it's not as fun as his last one -- then sees a little silvery gizmo darting across the floor. Craig pleads with the Doctor to tell him what's going on. His son lives here, he says. He needs to know if there's anything dangerous. So the Doctor fesses up and tells him three people have gone missing from the shop in the last few days. Also, there's that whole thing with the power fluctuations.

Craig thinks that's just the new cabling going in, so the Doctor latches onto that as a way to get them out of harm's way. He wheels Alfie toward an elevator that's been cordoned off with a big old "DANGER!" sign, fixes it with a wave of the screwdriver and ushers the Owens men inside. Then, because he can't quite help himself, he throws his hands up in the air and admits there's more going on. They all get into the elevator as the Doctor explains someone's been using a teleporter there in the shop. Craig makes the requisite Star Trek reference. "It could be disguised as anything," the Doctor says as they stand in an elevator that looks an awful lot like a Star Trek teleporter pad.

The lights flicker and suddenly they're all standing in a darkened room. Craig, focused on the Doctor, hasn't quite noticed the change of scenery yet. When he starts to look around, the Doctor grabs him and tries to distract him with confessions of the heart. (Or hearts.) "I love you! Craig, it's always been you!" The Doctor wraps his arms around Craig's shoulders while surreptitiously sonicking their environs. "Are you going to kiss me?" Craig asks a bit weakly. "Would you like that?" the Doctor asks in his best attempt at being seductive. He puckers his lips like a fish and makes "mm-mm!" sounds. He appears to be as awkward kissing boys as he is girls. Finally, Craig protests: "Doctor, I can't! I'm taken!" Otherwise, he seems kind of game. As he tries to wrest himself from the Doctor's embrace, he gets a good look at the dungeon-like room into which they've been teleported. He screams. A Cyberman clatters toward them out of the shadows. The Doctor sonics the teleporter, zapping them back into the elevator. He says he's fused the teleporter so the Cybermen will be stuck on their ship now, at least for a while.

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