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The Doctor's Farewell Reunion Tour

The next morning, the Doctor heads back to the department store to hunt down the Cybermen. As soon as Craig wakes up, he realizes what's going on and straps Alfie into the papoose, determined to help the Doctor. "He needs someone," Craig says. "He always needs someone, he just can't admit it." Aw. Craig would make such an awesome Companion. The Doctor could just pick him up from a pre-Alfie point in the timestream, right? Right!

The Doctor wanders around the dressing room, mumbling to himself about what complicated transport the Cybermen must be using, when it turns out to be a hole in the wall behind one of the mirrors. "So, they didn't teleport down, they climbed up," he muses. He inches through a narrow, rough-hewn tunnel in the rock. He emerges in a vast, underground cavern. Part of a Cyber ship is visible, protruding through the rock. Once he makes his way into the ship, he finds a dilapidated sort of workshop with bits of Cybermen and wires everywhere.

Craig comes tearing into the store and hands Alfie to the nice saleswoman from earlier. "The Doctor needs me!" he says. "I understand," she says. "You two need time alone!"

Back on the Cyber ship, a Cyberman has joined the Doctor. He doesn't seem especially worried. He just goes on with his usual exposition, talking out loud about how the ship crashed there centuries ago and was dormant until the store put in new wiring. Then they started abducting people to convert. Once they have the force to emerge, they'll have the whole planet converted. He gives the Cybermen a choice as he always does: "Deactivate yourself or I deactivate you." Does that ever work? It doesn't work this time, because another Cyberman joins the party and grabs the Doctor. His hearts and brain are incompatible, they say, but: "Other body parts will be of use." I hope one of those parts is the hair. A whole race of Cybermen with that swoopy mop! Imagine it!

Craig comes running into the room, wielding a handheld scanner he's picked up from the dressing room. He waves it around, pretending it's a weapon and demanding the Doctor's release. The Cybermen are impressed by Craig's intelligence and decide he'll be their new leader. "Do not be afraid," they say. "We will take your fear from you." They stuff him into a Cyberman-o-Matic. Metallic armor clamps down over his body. The Doctor tries to activate the reprogrammed cybermat, but one of the Cybermen just squashes it underfoot. They begin to wipe Craig's brain of all emotion. The Doctor tells him to fight it. "Think of Sophie! Think of Alfie! Don't let them take it all away." The Doctor screams and struggles, but it all seems for naught as the metallic shield closes seamlessly over Craig's face.

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