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Next Year In Jerusalem

While Rory and the others are arriving, Science Guy finds Restac, who is waking up all kinds of miniskirted woman-warrior lizards and has no time for his shit: "You're a good scientist, Malohkeh. But this is war." Dead.

Mack enters with Alaya's body in his arms, and the Doctor freaks out. Eldane's none too chuffed either. Ambrose takes responsibility for the lizards laughter, and Elliot shoves her away like she's diseased and everybody looks at her like she's disgusting some more and can't look her in the eye. The Doctor promises Eldane that they're better than this, sometimes or usually, and Ambrose is yelling, "This is our planet!" Stop helping, Ambrose. He gets in her face and tells her that in the future, she should just go ahead and tell people there was a chance, but she was "so much less than the best of humanity."

Restac comes in with her ladies, and immediately drops to her knees over Alaya, moaning in a very sad, sad way. Even Ambrose feels sort of awful. The Doctor tries to explain Ambrose was just scared for her family, and swears there's "a whole race of dazzling, peaceful human beings up there." He almost starts crying, he's so disappointed, and it's really sad. You could almost care. Luckily, here's Ambrose once again fucking everything up: The drill's set to start back down in a few minutes. There's a huge firefight and everybody takes off running for the pods -- but like, they are WAY further down than 21K, yes? Established. And they were pleasantly surprised to get even that far, yes? Now, I realize "center of the earth" is an idiomatic phrase, but... Doesn't that make the drill more of a Fuck You and less of a real threat? Is all this running about still necessary?

Running, running, Doctor blowing up their guns with the sonic and pretending it's a powerful destructive weapon, more running, the Doctor figures out that Mack has green mutant gnome disease and decides to take him to Science Guy's lab to decontaminate him, Eldane might be able to do that I guess, and then how do they get out? Oh, by blowing up the entire Big Mining Thing, somehow very scientific. Lots of discussing the made-up logistics of the made-up place, how to get up to the surface while blowing up the surface while avoiding the army that is everywhere, Eldane decides to set off an emergency failsafe "meant to protect my species from infection" that involves gassing everybody who's not in a sleep chamber. Basically, the miniskirted millions get one warning, and then they get toxic gassed. And they deserve it, he says explicitly, for following Restac in the first place.

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