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Rory points out that putting his hand in the Crack is a stupid-to-terrible idea, but apparently that's actually a stupid thing to say -- Thanks, the script, for informing us that you make sense! -- and he says where there's an explosion, there's shrapnel, and pulls something out. Great, get in the fucking TARDIS. Nope, here comes Restac, who is literally I guess too much of a bitch to die showing up still coughing from the toxic gas, crawling on her elbows solely by the power of what an asshole she is, and then shoots at the Doctor, but of course Rory jumps in front of him. What. A. Hero. "We were on the hill! I can't die here," he says, which is touching, but then his last words are, "You're so beautiful. I'm sorry."

Suddenly tendrils of light come out of the Crack to remove Rory from the entirety of time and history, and Amy just loses all sense in her tiny clothes, but apparently they can't do anything because "the light's already around him" and the Doctor drags him into the TARDIS so she doesn't get Cracked also, and I mean, let's just make up some rules, shall we? If his body's absorbed by the light, she'll forget him and he'll never have existed. Okay. The tendrils are new, but technically we weren't there when the soldiers got taken. But this?

"Keep him in your mind. Don't forget him. If you forget him, you'll lose him forever." Okay, that's new. But what about Octavian's Clerics? The Doctor said she remembered them because she's a time traveler. Nope, that's different because they "weren't part of [her] world," and now this is "[her] own history changing." Okay, so apparently if she just thinks really hard -- which honestly is more of a theme in this season than the Crack itself, and something worth I think keeping in mind -- she can keep his dead ass at least having existed, before he died. It's pretty awesome as its own little scene, but consists of so much made-up mythology -- and touches the Donna stuff at about seven different points of tangent -- that it's hard to really get lost in. Anyway, she's doing okay, until the TARDIS randomly jerks around and they fall to the floor.

"What were you saying?" she says brightly, and I can't tell if he remembers Rory or not, but when he stands up the box with their engagement ring is no longer on the floor between them, so you tell me. Back up to the ridge to watch the Big Mining Thing blow up, and then the Doctor gives Ambrose one more shitty speech about what an asshole she is, but I am exhausted from this one and I don't want to do it anymore. Suffice to say that we hope her son learns from her example to be a better person. Although having met Elliot, that seems rather unlikely, as I have ended up liking Ambrose more than anybody else at this point. She was willing to damn herself to save her family, but that's not why I love her. I love her because she needs to be loved. The rest just need a fucking slap.

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