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Mo wants in there with Elliot, but after trying a bit, Amy points out that he's clearly doing fine, and is even getting monitored by the machines, so let's forget it until later. Mo suggests finding some weapons and threatening lizards until they get Elliot out, and Amy is willing to table that idea until they find out, you know, what's actually happening. Oh, humans: Always coming in guns blazing when their children are kidnapped and they've been tortured and almost vivisected. It's almost like it's a meaningful comment on society or some shit. Or it would be, if the decks weren't totally stacked by the shittiness of the Silurian jerks.

Upstairs, Ambrose is hanging out at the graveyard, as one does. She has decided to be pissed at Rory for letting her think he was the police. Instead of pointing out that she was a moron to think that, he just submits to her barrage of useless questions -- Who is Rory, who is the Doctor, what is happening, why -- he just promises the Doctor will fix it and tells her to go back to guarding lizard lady Alaya. "I promise you, Ambrose. I'd trust the Doctor with my life. We stick to his plan. We keep that creature safe." Oh, son! No way is Ambrose letting that chick out of here alive, not when there's the chance of screwing things up six or seven ways without even really trying that hard.

Alaya's sister is Restac, played by the same actress, and they're just about as awful as each other. Locked in a decontamination chamber, the Doctor literally goes, "Argh!" while Restac makes her point, as to the escape of Amy and Mo, that the military does everything better than everybody else, and obviously should be in charge of everything. The doctor-man points this out, but reminds her that technically they are ranked the same -- and since he's male, it goes without saying, he's a little more "same" than she is.

Restac submits angrily, and he asks about her sister, noting compassionately that it's okay to show concern since they're of the same "gene-chain." Then he starts decontaminating the Doctor and Nasreen using the same science waves as a moment ago, causing the Doctor to start screaming, since he's not human and thus has a whole bunch of unrecognizable shit going on that the decon will probably really mess with.

Alaya faces up toward the window in her dungeon, opening her eyes and almost smiling as old Mack approaches. He's not looking too great, but she's surprised he's still standing at all, given the venom she tongued him with earlier, and begs to see the wound. "How does it feel, ape?" she asks, and he admits it feels kind of horrible. He offers to effect a secret trade for some kind of antidote or something -- bonus points for pronouncing escape excape -- and she laughs at him: "You see? You beg, and offer betrayal, so early!" And if this were any other season, or even the Venice episode, there would be at least honor here: Her hardcoreness would be respectable in some way, instead of just being a shitty thing among many shitty things about her. But in this story, you're lucky to have a single facet: " Why would I want to escape when I can watch you die? The first ape death of the coming war!" She turns back to the window and he's like, damn.

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