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Good thinking, but since Elliot's still in play, Mo's more interested in grabbing their guns and taking the entire lizard complex in hand. I guess when your kids on the line you're allowed to get totally stupid, but there's a whole thing about "weapons" that's particularly egregious in this story, so it also makes Mo seem tainted by the same unworthiness as Ambrose that he wants a gun, even though he'll not get a single condescending speech about it at any point. Amy grabs a gun, same deal. They head down a corridor, only to find Clone Wars amounts of lady-soldiers standing in a quickly-brightening horror hangar. Back to Plan D. For Doctor.

Ambrose finally notices that her dad is going green, both figuratively and literally, as the nasty mutant veins continue from his neck down his chest. She is grossed out, but immediately goes into action, cooling him down and giving him a place to rest, while his teeth chatter and he feels all weird. (See, and Ambrose could be totally cool if... You know the rest.)

Getting marched from somewhere to somewhere, by a few regular actors and most of them extras in fake boobs and bone faces, the Doctor explains to Nasreen that everybody else is in hibernation, and explains their whole backstory: "Their astronomers predicted a planet heading to Earth, on a crash course. They built a life underground and put themselves to sleep for millennia in order to avert what they thought was the apocalypse. When in reality, it was the moon, coming into alignment with the Earth."

Everybody stops and wonders how he knows that part of the story, and he admits he's run into similar-but-different pockets of Silurians before. They get all happy for a second, sweetly, but then the Doctor crushes their hopes by explaining that they were attacked and killed by humanity. I know sugarcoating's not his specialty, but come on. Find a better way. Of course, Restac is gloaty about that one, because it's just more context for what she already knows: Apes are truly a "vermin race." Even Nasreen is like, Nice one.

Ambrose comes downstairs -- now that Alaya has taken all three of her men away -- and threatens her with a taser unless she cures Mack. Alaya is, of course, delighted by this turn of events, because she's not a person, she's just a viewpoint, so the idea of getting tortured to death just to prove a point doesn't make the radical not-sense that it normally would. And again, Ambrose is being pretty rational: "First you take my son, now you hurt my dad. I'm just protecting my family here. That's all. I don't want to use it. I want you to put things right."

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