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Which, maybe it's from being American, but that speech alone doesn't seem like a bad thing. If it were just this one Alaya and they had her tied up, you might offer to tase her if you thought it would help. But no, weapons are bad if you're a woman (but not if you're Mo), and interrogation is bad if you're a woman (but not if you're a lizard scientist man), so her completely rational train of thought is just indicative of how disgusting she really is.

Luckily we have Alaya, who makes no goddamn sense whatsoever, goading her into doing it: "Use it. Use it on me! You're too afraid! A woman who can't even protect her own child!" Ambrose finally tases the shit out of her -- once she's walked her lizard ass right up in Ambrose's face, note -- and then immediately apologizes at length, asking again for the cure for Mack. (Still not really doing anything wrong, considering how horrible Alaya is being.) "He's vermin! He deserves a painful death!" Ambrose begs her to stop being a bitch for like two seconds, but no, Alaya is not having it. She even points out that she called this one last week: "I knew it would be you! The one with the most to lose. The weakest!" At this point, Ambrose sort of loses it and kills her, but because neither of their characters make sense at all, it's up to the rest of the characters and the episode to explain to us how A) That all made sense and B) Ambrose is a bitch who deserves death.

Rory's bitching at Mack for not telling him, a nurse, that he was getting green mutations, and then they hear the horrible death screams of Alaya and run down there. "We have to be better than this!" he screams at his daughter, which nobody would ever say, and Ambrose protests once again that she honestly thought even Alaya's brainless awfulness had a limit, and she would have stopped once Alaya gave in. Which is clearly and obviously true, and sort of the point. Because now that you're bitching about it, what you're really saying is that you burnt our bargaining chip, which is I think in some ways worse. Alaya had no intrinsic value as a living being because she was choosing not to act like a living being, at which point you can do whatever you want with her in my opinion. I don't like zealots and I don't like terrorists, and insofar as she had any sort of personality I guess she was both. Now she's dead, so fuck it.

But either way, it's not really Ambrose's problem, because it was a mistake. She became more and more human the longer Alaya talked, and I don't mean that in the cynical nasty way this show so often does: If they'd made it all about her anger, it would be her fault, but the actress is so good and her lines were so specifically rational that the whole thing falls apart, and you've just got everybody taking turns getting on the high horse about it. Which, hilariously, is exactly what's going to happen downstairs too: One woman takes it too far and becomes emblematic of everything wrong with her race, while a bunch of weak men bitch and complain and tell her how awful she is, without doing a damn thing to fix the problem.

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