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The Doctor runs up the stairs with his weapon, as Rose and the Dalek reach Level 1. The Dalek exterminates a hole in the ceiling, and the sun beams down on it. "You're out," Rose smiles. "You made it. Never thought I'd see the sunlight again." Girl, get out of there! Jewish people driving German cars! You're not the best friend of the Dalek. You're the best friend of the person whose life it ruined. The Dalek looks at her face, feeling the sunlight, and asks how it feels. As she stands, amazed, the Dalek stretches its armor wide open, revealing the mutant pile of muck inside. It's gross and it doesn't look like Gollum in there. It looks like somebody had purple lunch that didn't agree with them, and an eyeball. Does it make me shallow that this is when I finally decided I hated it? Rose stares at the naked Dalek, and it points a nasty finger at her like they're going to ouch...

...and then Rose jumps at someone suddenly behind her. "Get out of the way," grits the Doctor. He's holding a gun trained on Rose and the Dalek. She stares but doesn't move. "Rose, get out of the way, now!" the Doctor orders her. She says she won't let the Doctor do this, because things go so well when Rose starts giving orders, plus she totally just helped the thing actually escape. Not that she won't get the hang out of this eventually -- she's saved the Doctor's cute bacon at least as many times as he's saved hers -- but generally I would just go along with the Doctor's suggestions. Not because he's a man, not because he's nine hundred years old, but because he's the Doctor. (Plus, note: Rose hasn't seen his crazy behavior. She doesn't know about the "dark side" stuff, or the "we're the same" bullshit, or any of it. He's just the Doctor. For all she knows, he was having tea with van Statten, and then tried to kill her. That's all she's seen of the episode.) "That thing killed hundreds of people," the Doctor says, and Rose notes that the Dalek doesn't have the gun pointed at her. (Even though technically it does, because the thing doesn't have a holster, because it's pointed out of its face.) "I've got to do this," the Doctor says evenly. "I've got to end it. The Daleks destroyed my home, my people. I've got nothing left." Rose shows him the sunbathing and grotesque Dalek, and the Doctor's like, "What's it doing?" "It's the sunlight, that's all it wants!" says Rose. Could be true. I don't get this Dalek. Maybe we missed that part, where it was like, "Actually when I said freedom, I meant a tan. Exfoliate! Exfoliate!" Rose tells the Doctor that the Dalek's changing -- that it couldn't kill her, and it couldn't kill van Statten, and but maybe the Doctor's changing too: "What the hell are you changing into?" Which, see above re: she has no idea, but it's compelling, because he's acting like a nutsack.

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