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Rose and the Doctor stand in the museum, back at the TARDIS, the Doctor looking up at it: "Little piece of home. Better than nothing." She asks if that's the end of the Time War, then, enemies finally vanquished or exterminated or whatever, and he's not exactly proud: "I'm the only one left. I win. How about that." Rose tries to console him, suggesting maybe if the one Dalek lived, maybe some TLs lived too, but he shakes his head. "I'd know, in here," he says, pointing to his temple, eyes drifting from her face. "Feels like there's no one." Rose smiles, the comforting one: "Good thing I'm not going anywhere." And the Doctor smiles back. Rose keeps bringing him back. Adam comes joggin' up, all, "They're filling the whole base in with cement and van Statten's gone," and it all seems kind of short-sighted, because even if the Dalek got out of hand, there's all kinds of cool shit in there, but whatever, this is America. Rose is like, "About time." Adam whines about having to go back home, and the Doctor brightly says, "Better hurry up then! Next flight to Heathrow leaves at 1500 hours." I wonder if this "Go fuck yourself" thing is the Doctor's way of testing you every time he wants you to be a Companion. Rose hints around about how Adam's always wanted to see the stars, and the Doctor suggests that he take his ass outside. "He's all on his own, Doctor," says Rose. "And he did help." The Doctor protests that Adam left Rose down in the danger, but Rose points out that everybody did that, particularly the Doctor, who even locked her in. Adam's like, stop jawing and get in the lift, and the Doctor's like, "Rose, he's a bit pretty." Beg to differ. Rose gets quite innocent eyes: "I hadn't noticed." The Doctor's skeptical, and tells her it's on her head, and turns to the TARDIS. Of course, they've been having this conversation in front of Adam, and of course he didn't understand it -- all those A-levels, I guess -- so he repeats the stuff about the cement and them all dying, and Rose and the Doctor just get into the TARDIS without bothering with his slow ass. Adam thinks they're crazy, standing outside all alone: "Doctor? What're you doing standing inside a box? Rose?" And he...yep, he steps inside. Fabulous. Next week: how Katie Couric really got her new gig.

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