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Pregnant Pauses

While Amy continues screaming for the Doctor and Rory Eeyores around like always, River notices the spacesuit repairing itself and wonders if the suit might be autonomous, as in, did the suit kill him of its own accord? But since that's secondary and not a question she can say aloud right now, she wonders if, when the little girl said the spaceman was coming to eat her, that wasn't exactly what happened. (*But still doesn't explain how she could possibly call Nixon to scream about it, since she'd have to be eaten to make the call, but whatever.)

(Hmm, robots harvesting women; an entire community built around preserving one humanoid girl... Three Moffat examples I can immediately think of. You?)

And just when you're wondering if it's possible there's more going on than meets the eye and maybe all the Moffat evangelists are right and he's playing an even longer game than you think... This obvious crap happens, on Rory's Amy-transmitter.

"I love you. I know you think it's him, I know you think it ought to be him, but it's not. It's you. And when I see you again, I'm going to tell you properly, just to see your stupid face. My life was so boring, before you just dropped out of the sky. So just get your stupid face where I can see it, okay? Okay?"

Hands up if you honestly think it's even slightly possible that she is addressing or referring to the Doctor at this time.

Rory, you fuckup, put your hand down. I bet you cried at the end of the Van Gogh episode too, you gullible twit.

(Everybody cried. I cried at the end of the Van Gogh episode, and it was still about the most offensive, patronizing, misogynist, mental illness-trivializing thing I've ever seen.)

The Doctor sits down alongside Old Mopey and, rather than explaining that obviously Amy is not in love with the Doctor and that's about the most boring fucking thing Rory could ever think -- every time he decides to think it, and they have to explain it again -- he instead skips right over to, basically, "It's not that I couldn't save her, I just don't feel like it." I've gone over this bit several times, and I can't make heads or tails.

Doctor: "She'll be safe for now. No point in a dead hostage... I can track that signal back, take us right to her."
Rory: "Then why haven't you?"
Doctor: "Because then what? I find her, and then what do I do? This isn't an alien invasion, they live here. This is their empire. This is kicking the Romans out of Rome."
Rory: "Rome fell."
Doctor: "I know. I was there."
Rory: "So was I."

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