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Pregnant Pauses

Oh yes, let's.

Doctor: "Do you ever remember it? 2000 years, waiting for Amy? The Last Centurion?"
Rory: "Not the sort of thing anyone forgets. But I don't remember it all the time. It's like this door in my head. I can keep it shut."

So to review: The Doctor could save Amy right now, but it's too much of a hassle to worry about even though in a minute they're going to charge in and save her, and secondly that Rory doesn't remember being a plastic soldier, except for he does, but kind of he doesn't -- except for when occasionally he and his stripper wife play creepy sad kink games in costume -- and we still have no explanation for why he is not plastic now, except for that Amy created the entire universe out of the storage space that women have in their heads instead of brains. Fine. Got it. Love it.

Amy, tied to a chair: "Where am I? Where is this?"
Silence: "You are Amelia Pond. We do you honor. You will bring the Silence. But your part will soon be over."
Amy: "I don't even know what the fuck you are talking about, but the Doctor is going to eat your lunch in about one second."
Silence: "You have been here many days."
Amy: "No, I just got here. You just put me in here."
Silence: "Your memory is weak. You have been here many days."

So do they time travel? Because sure, they could have been up to all kinds of badness, but for the rest of the team they're not drugged out so they would know how many days have gone by. Or maybe that's just me trying to connect the baby dots, and by "many days" they mean the week that the Doctor and Team TARDIS have been fussing around at the military base, refusing to save her for no reason and playing with the spacesuit. Which actually, that seems exactly right, because of course the big rescue is substantially less risky if they pull it off in the middle of the Doctor's big coup, so maybe that's what's going on: Leave her with them, a hostage they don't want to kill, until Neil Armstrong gets to the moon, at which point there might not even be a fight at all.

So Rory and River and the Doctor show up at the place they're keeping her, now that it's time for the moon landing, and he's very breezy and cute -- "Oh, hello Amy. Are you all right? Do you want to watch some television?" -- setting up the big finish. Quoted at length, because it's hot and cute and a little sad, and because they're back-to-back the whole time given the nature of the Silence, which is a neat visual, and because it pisses Amy off:

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