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Pregnant Pauses

Ha! I'm kidding. Her actual thought process actually makes sense: "I traveled with you in this TARDIS for so long, all that time. If I was pregnant for some of it, wouldn't it have had an effect? I don't want to tell Rory his baby might have three heads or, like, a timehead, or something."

Timehead! I love it. I legitimately love it. They get the giggles about what a timehead-baby would actually entail, and then of course she screams into the mic for Rory to come back, because of course he was listening the whole time, because what is creepier or more Moffaty in this universe than having an always-on microphone that monitors your wife's movements and statements? Nothing at all is what.

Rory points out that he's a nurse and clearly can handle himself around pregnancies and babies and whatever, and they have a long nasty conversation about how fucking stupid Rory is, he's so stupid, she loves calling him stupid, he loves it when she calls him stupid, don't tell them but marriage can actually be much better than this, etc. The Doctor tries to change the subject back to the little girl, but Rory and Amy are upset by this because it's too close to their ongoing investigation of his murder, so they have little to say -- "You only live once!" he shouts, and they both get a little maudlin -- and then soon enough, the Doctor has discovered Amy's bivalent uterine state, so he goes a little quiet too.

Bottom line, before the end, is I guess that the Silence are beaten but maybe not permanently. We still don't know what their actual deal is, or who killed the Doctor, or why they were raising the kid, or where the kid came from, or how the Doctor is going to get out of it, or why River's in jail. In fact, I can't really think of much we could add to the KNOWN column. Which is irritating now, but I assume will be quite satisfying by the end of the year.

And then the last thing: The little girl, shivering through the streets in I assume 1969 Florida, running into a comforting homeless guy... And then blowing his mind by saying the following words: "It's all right. It's quite all right. I'm dying! But I can fix that. It's easy, really. See?" And then bursting into regenerative flame.

Thoughts? I think she's Amy's timehead baby, not actually a Timelord but just close enough that the Silence could use her to pilot their DIY TARDIS(es) and spread their terror throughout all time and space. Maybe putting them on the run in 1969 is what started the whole mess, and without our little foray into genocide tonight, the vampire-fish and all those other species would still be happy, and far away. And that's about all the thought I'm willing to give the show this week.

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