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The Doctor explains one more time about how the Silence have always been here -- kind of like Amy's top of the stairs person, for starters; kind of like that awful racist two-parter from last year about how Palestinians don't have souls or feel pain like real humans do -- so this is a revolution instead of an invasion, get used to hearing that, and says that he's going to use Apollo XI to defeat them, specifically: "Neil Armstrong's foot."

Canton and Amy drive up to the Graystark Orphanage listening to a radio broadcast about the moon landing, and it's raining and crazy, and they have something going on with their palms that's not immediately clear. So just to make everything more complicated and exciting, let's jump back to where we just were and have a lengthy scene about the team getting implanted with these little radio recorder things in their palms by a sadistically rude Doctor, who makes each of them squeal when he shoots it into them, but for some reason they still are surprised as he moves down the line to the next person, so they keep squealing, and he keeps laughing about it. Since they don't make any sense, I'm not going to try to explain them:

"Nanorecorder. Fuses with the cartilage in your hand and it tunes itself directly to the speech centers in your brain. It'll pick up your voice, no matter what. Telepathic connection. So the moment you see one of the creatures, you activate it and describe aloud exactly what you're seeing, because the moment you break contact, you're going to forget it happened. The light will flash if you've left yourself a message. You keep checking your hand. If you've had an encounter, that's the first you'll know about it."

(I feel like the "keep checking for the light" thing is somewhere we've been before, but I can't remember which episode. Suffice to say there will be a point where somebody, most likely the most vulnerable woman in the group, will be terrified and speaking out of the recorder while everybody else looks agonizingly on, because that is also something that happens in every episode.)

The Silence are everywhere, but especially in America -- this is explained later, it has to do with the Space Race -- and there's a long logically iffy conversation about how they remember seeing them all over the place except for how they don't remember seeing them once they've seen them. There's a half-hearted stab at explaining the logical inconsistency at the center of this entire story -- something about how even though you can't remember them, sometimes you can -- but whatever.

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