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Pregnant Pauses

A thrilling combination of Moffat's two favorite (and cheapest) tricks -- You Are In The Matrix and Amy You Have To Remember -- which is all very exciting if you have Asperger's Syndrome and enjoy watching a Rubik's Cube assemble itself while crowing all the while about how clever it is for doing so, but not so great if you enjoy characters or stories, or caring about stories, or watching them play out in a way that resembles, um, stories.

On the other hand, Amy looks very pretty. Which is good, because this part of the episode -- in which Amy and Canton visit a spooky old orphanage run by a brain-damaged Renfield for his Silent masters -- either makes no sense in this episode or will only make sense later, as part of the overarching Amy's Uterus storyline -- in which much is said, over and over, and much is left out for later, is a triumph of style over any kind of substance. There's writing on all the walls (TURN BACK and ABANDON ALL HOPE and the like), presumably written by Renfield in his more lucid moments, and the whole place is looking very Silent Hill and the guy doesn't even know what year it is, or what mysterious guests are lurking upstairs.

Amy calls the Doctor to let him know they've hit the jackpot, because clearly this is a Silence outpost given the weirdness, and the Doctor tells her to TCB and get out of there. He is busy fussing about with the Apollo XI command module and getting hauled in for it, because even more than usually he's ahead of the game. Which in this case, I mean, he's so far ahead of the game that the entire episode falls apart, because while everybody else is having these horrible things happen to them, he already knows exactly what is going to happen and how he's going to fix the world.

(Which solution, by the way, already makes no sense just like the beginning of last episode, because it's an historical event that everybody besides Canton already remembers, which means Operation Genocide would already be in effect for them, and yet the only person who seems intent on shooting fuck out of all the Silence, two-thirds through and only in this episode, is River, and only because we're suddenly trading on her come-and-go shoot-em-up ethical-grayness thing again, not because of how time works.)

Amy stumbles, at length, onto a clutch of the Silence sleeping -- hanging from the ceiling, because the guy's Renfield -- and records herself a message to GTFO, which is where she (and we) come in, but she's locked in: Another huge spot for shit to happen to her, even if she's already decided she's not pregnant, despite a photograph in the room where's locked that seems to suggest the little girl is her and Rory's child, and that she possibly is giving birth to her as we speak or something. We'll find out later, I guess.

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