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Pregnant Pauses

Cue the anguished cries of Amy, on the other side of a door, when Rory and the Doctor join Canton and get the bedroom open. Except she's not there, the Spacesuit is empty... And the little girl is hiding down the hallway, breathing hard. Rory finds Amy's palm-transmitter, so we get to hear her freaking out on a one-way transmission that the team can hear. Wait, what? You're saying that's not what that thing is for? Don't be silly! "It defaults to Live. This is current. She can't hear you. I'm so sorry. It's one-way."

Comes a scene that starts out annoying but then solves itself: Rory trades on that inorganic bollicksy Centurion thing with a bombastic speech -- "She can always hear me, Doctor, always," he says, as though that even means anything, "Wherever she is... She always knows that I am coming for her. Do you understand me? Always," he insists. Must have been some kinda high-stress two months where he established that precedent, right? Against all previous characterization?

Or maybe we're being told that that's the case, similar to the Centurion situation, and now we're just supposed to assume that Amy will in fact "hear" him at some future time, and cardboard Rory will, at this future point, "come for her," and all of this will include a flashback to this very conversation, and nerds will sigh. Except for then:

"Doctor. Are you there? Can you hear me? Doctor. Oh, God. Please, please, Doctor, just get me out of this..."

So you have the usual Rory thing, where there's a speech about how amazing he is substituting for him doing an amazing thing... Which is then immediately subverted by Amy crying out specifically and only for the Doctor, who actually does amazing things. And I'd like to say that was clever or something, a wink, but I think it happened solely to reintroduce the whole Rory-jealousy factor that we've already resolved at least three times that I can think of, because that's exactly how fresh and imaginative this relationship is: Men are like this, women are like that, wives do these annoying things, men are at the mercy of those particular things, these are the truths and the days of our lives, &c.

"We've never had a married couple on the TARDIS before! I know just how to do it: Like I Love Lucy, but with constant pregnancies and Rory dying all the time."

So, crestfallen, Rory yells at the transmitter that the Doctor is coming -- "I'll bring him," Rory kind of pathetically includes himself, "I swear!" -- but to no avail, since as previously stated, it's one-way. It's hard to be flippant when Amy's crying, because Amy crying is like the worst sound in the world and you just mostly want Rory and the Doctor to go save her right damn now so she'll stop crying and making you feel sad.

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