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Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

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Tyrannosaurs And Raptor Dinosaurs In Space

Amy watches more of the Silurian's video and discovers that the ship is an ark. Riddell finds this all unbelievable. Nefi calls him an idiot for not believing what's in front of him. He threatens to give her a spanking. She whips out a dagger heretofore concealed in her bodice and slits his throat for the insult. Or maybe she just banters with him. Amy scans for Silurian life signs and finds none. Wondering what horrible fate could have befallen the Silurians, she searches through past and present scans and discovers a ship docked in the center of the buckyball.

It is to this ship that the robots bring the Doctor. Rory and Brian are made to wait outside where they can bicker with the robots. Inside the ship, a crusty old man is lying on some sort of medical platform surrounded by monitors. For the second week in a row, the Doctor makes some comment about the music choice of his new acquaintance and having participated in the recording. (Last week it was Bizet; this week it's Schubert or "Franz the Hands" as the Doctor calls him, for his habit of tickling the Doctor.) The crusty old man is named Solomon. Some kind of beam scans the Doctor, which Solomon passes off as a little computer glitch. He's got a bum leg, thanks to a raptor attack a while back. He's apparently been on the ship with his robots for 2000 years. He doesn't look a day over 1800, though. Solomon, misunderstanding just what kind of doctor the Doctor is, presses him into fixing up his leg. The Doctor wants information in exchange -- how did Solomon come by the dinosaurs? -- but Solomon isn't in the mood for answering questions. He instructs his robots to injure Brian. They shoot him in the shoulder and he goes down. "Now, fix me, or the next bolt will be fatal," Solomon says. The Doctor is pi-i-issed.

Luckily, the Williams men are always prepared and Rory happens to have a little med kit on him so he can patch up his dad's wound. "You get to see my awesome nursing skills for once," Rory says. Aw. He gets a call from Amy so they can catch each other up on what's going on.

Back in Solomon's ship, the Doctor is fixing up the injured leg. Somehow. Exposition ensues. Solomon has stolen the ship and is trying to get it to a commerce colony. That glitchy scan earlier wasn't glitchy at all, but rather Solomon trying to assess the Doctor's value. The computer works for a bit, but can't find any record of the Doctor. It seems that even if he had successfully faked his death at Lake Silencio, there would still be some trace of him. It's not like he retroactively ceased to exist. As to what happened to the Silurians: Solomon ejected them all into space after they wouldn't sell him the dinos. Horrified -- and then gradually becoming coldly amused -- the Doctor thinks out loud and comes to the conclusion that the ship started back towards Earth after Solomon couldn't change its pre-programmed course. The Doctor tells him about the missiles heading their way. "Get off this ship while you still can," he says.

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