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Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

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Tyrannosaurs And Raptor Dinosaurs In Space

The Doctor leaves, grabs the Williams men and scoots past the robots. The mood changes too abruptly from the somber horror of the previous scene to the giddy goofiness of the next. The Doctor hops on Tricey's back, gleefully shouting, "Geronimo!" Rory and Brian follow suit, although a bit less gleefully. Clowny music plays as they gallop and thump through the ship, the robots shooting after them. "Yeehaw!" cries the Doctor. Everyone shouts and screams like they're on a carnival ride. After they've made their escape, Tricey settles down for a nap. The Doctor gets an update from Indira back on Earth. The ship has reached the planet's atmosphere. They're going to launch the missiles. And probably send giant, destructive chunks of the ship hurtling into the population below. The Doctor protests, but it's no good. The missiles are set to impact the ship just before the end of the episode.

Elsewhere, Riddell has found some stun guns. Nefi is bored with her husband back in Egypt and tries to find out from Amy if the Doctor is, like, dating anyone. For some reason, Amy doesn't mention that she's the Doctor's mother-in-law. "You clearly need a man of action and excitement," Riddell says. "One with a very large weapon!" He cocks his gun. First the scrotal humor and now the phallic. Well, at least we've got the complete set now.

The Doctor is trying to figure out what to do about the missiles. "Doesn't the ship have any defense systems?" Rory asks. "Good thinking, Rory!" cries the Doctor and gives him a big smooch on the lips. Rory makes an "Ickypoo!" face. Alas, the ship has no such systems. The Doctor's feeling rather grim and hopeless when Solomon and the robots teleport into the scene to make things even worse. Solomon has realized that the missiles are real and that the Silurian ship is too clumsy to outmaneuver them. He's scanned the whole ship and has found something even more valuable than the dinosaurs. "I don't know where you found it," he says, "or how you got it here, but I want it." The choice of pronoun makes it seem like he's talking about the TARDIS, but it's Nefertiti he wants. "Give her to me and I'll let the rest of you live.

Nefi witnesses all this on one of the ship's computer stations. The Doctor refuses, so Solomon has one of the robots shoot Tricey. Four times. While the Doctor watches. He couldn't sonic the robot while it was taking its sweet time getting into position and aiming at the poor dinosaur? Well, of course not, because that wouldn't be needlessly tragic. Tricey groans and dies while the Doctor gently pats its face. Nefi and the others teleport into the scene. She insists on giving herself over to Solomon to prevent further bloodshed. The Doctor and Riddell both try to stop her, but she's all about making her own choices. Solomon talks about all the fun he's going to have "breaking her in," which probably means just what it sounds like. He has the ship teleport him and his new prize back to his ship.

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