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I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

Jackie turns to Rose with her nose in the air and asks what she's about. "Your hair," says Rose, after staring at her a bit. Jackie's insulted, even as Rose is murmuring that she's never seen it like this, and Rose tears up as Jackie gets angrier, finally spitting out how lovely her mother looks. Rose spots the Rose baby, and takes an involuntary step forward. Jackie pulls the baby tighter, completely wigged by Rose, who tries to get herself under control, even as her mother accuses her of being one of Pete's assignations. "She saved my life!" says Pete, and Jackie calls that a new excuse: "What was it last time?" Pete tells the story (cloakroom attendant, helping her look for his ticket, duffel coats attacking, pinned beneath), and Rose turns around on him: "Were you playing around?" Jackie asks what business it is of hers what he gets up to, and Rose nears yelling: "What does he get up to?" I suppose there are worse ways to play this out, but I can't think of them right now. This is a forever kind of love, you know? How far from the wish before you start thinking you might be a mistake too? "You'd know," sniffs Jackie, and Pete points out that it's unlikely that he'd bring his mistress to a wedding with his wife, and the elder Tylers begin to shout insults at each other. It's sad, not raucous or funny, the piano playing slow and sad over Rose watching the truth under the lie. Under the wish. Finally, Rose shouts: "Stop it! You're not like this. You love each other." Jackie notes that Rose seems to be mental, and says that Pete never used to like them that way: "Or I dunno, maybe you did." Um, obviously he does, Jackie, so I'd stop with the insults. Consider who he married.

Jackie finally takes off, carrying the now-crying baby. Pete asks Rose to wait and give him a sec with Jackie. But first he takes the vase and hands Rose his car keys and tells her to straighten up their parking job from where they landed after the almost-collision. (And if keys are about trust, then who was really pulling back, with the TARDIS key? Who's the coward?) Rose just watches Pete and Jackie talk, angry and young and poor, tears in her eyes.

Little Mickey on a swing, looking around at all the children in the park, the red vision taking them one by one, until even the minder pushing him on the swing is gone. He jumps down, terrified, and takes off out of the park, toward the church. We always said that it was easier to make the necessary break the bigger a dick your dad was. If he was evil, you could see him eventually as just a man. If he's a garden-variety asshole, all the better. Seems like it would get harder the nicer your dad is. But if he died? Oh, man.

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