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I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

Rose watches her parents making a scene. The bride -- the point of the wedding, after all -- is standing on their other side. The shouting is done, and Jackie's just sad, too many times and too many lies. You can see the lights going out of her. And this was the last day? No wonder. I feel bad about every single thing I've ever said about her. Nobody should live like this. Nobody should have to. "I'm not listening," Jackie says, about our Rose. "It's just the duffel coats all over again." Pete promises that things will get better soon, like he always does, and puts his hand on her shoulder, and she complains: "I've had enough of all your daft schemes -- I never know where the next meal's coming from." She's made a list. You don't ever win out once they've made the list. "I'll get it right, love," he pleads. "One day soon, I'll get it right." Rose watches them, smiling softly, and Mickey comes running around the corner, screaming about monsters coming to eat everyone. The friends of the bride laugh -- "Is it aliens?" -- and Mickey runs into the church. Rose stares as if she knows him; she takes space monsters (and time monsters) more seriously than anyone else.

The Doctor finally arrives, shouting Rose's name. She stands, back to his approach, and smiles, satisfied. She turns, and her smile says, "Fantastic." She doesn't hear the panic in his voice: "Get in the church!" Rose follows the Doctor's gaze up, to her left, and sees a thing. It's a bit buglike for my taste -- I would have liked it to be more gargoyle-y -- but it's very, very creepy, dancing around like a dragon, with a dragon head and wings, and many legs. Rose screams as it bears down, and the Doctor knocks her to the ground. He rushes her into the church, the crowd trying to get inside, as well, and another beast appears. One of Sarah's friends asks an Excellent Question. Some of the people that were already inside the church come out to see what the deal is, and scream. The Doctor orders everyone inside. Stuart obeys the Doctor's voice, but Sonny tries to run for it. A beast lands atop him, covering him with its wings so that we don't see what happens next. It's totally scary. Sarah tries for the church doors, and a beast comes down between her and the door. The thing turns for a priest instead, and the Doctor gets everyone else inside.

The Doctor slams the door on the monsters, and inside, he looks at their shadows outside the window glass, answering his own Excellent Questions: "They can't get in. Old windows and doors. Okay. The older something is, the stronger it is. What else?" He sends guests to check the other doors, as the monsters screech outside. Jackie follows him to a side door, bitching and grabbing at him, terrified. The Doctor attempts to explain to her: "There's been an accident in time, a wound in time. They're like bacteria, taking advantage." I wonder if they're aren't also like bacteria, breaking down this fake timeline into rot. "What do you mean time?" Jackie shouts, in her most irritating possible Jackie voice. "What're you jabbering on about, time?" The Doctor whips around on her, cutely exasperated: "Might've known you'd argue. Jackie, I'm sick of you complaining..." -- and of course she's like, "Bwuh?" -- "...I haven't got time for this!" Jackie says that they've never met, and the Doctor says they never will, unless he sorts this out: "Now, if you don't mind -- I've waited a long time to say this -- Jackie Tyler, do as I say. Go and check the doors!" He points, strong and pretty scary, and she stares up at him: "Yes, sir. " A few people have noted that the angle is consistently up a bit, on Jackie and Pete -- so they're taller than we are -- and consistently a bit down, on Rose, throughout the episode. Isn't that nice? Don't you love that? The Doctor's like eleven feet tall right now, that's why I remembered.

Jackie slinks off, and the very pleased-with-himself Doctor grins hugely at Stuart, saying, "I should've done that ages ago." Stuart tells him that Sonny was out there, and the Doctor sadly explains that Stuart can mourn Sonny later, that they have to stay alive, and that there was nothing he could do for Stuart's dad. There are things the Doctor can't do, like save your dad for you. Stuart produces Sonny's phone and shows him the Bell call, which the Doctor Excellently identifies for us. He gives the useless phone back to Stuart, and runs to check another door. Rose watches as the Doctor explains to Stuart about the police: "Can't help you now. No one can. Nothing in this universe can harm those things. Time's been damaged, and they've come to sterilize the wound..." Right. The Doctor stops before Rose and looks her in the eye. "...By consuming everything in sight." She begins to shake. "Is this because..." The Doctor looks down at Rose, sad and scared, but no longer angry. Just tired. "Is this my fault?" she asks. He doesn't answer, just walks past her to continue working. Pete looks at the Doctor, at Rose. At the baby in his arms. Pete's very clever.

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