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I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

Outside, things are empty except for a few people running screaming down the street. There's a bicycle, a stroller, a baby's shoe. One wheel spins on the pram, one wheel spins on the bicycle. The wheels keep spinning.

The Doctor runs into a side room, where Pete is checking the doors and windows. Together, they look out the window. Pete tells the Doctor that there's smoke, out in the city, but no sirens: "I don't think it's just us, I think these things are all over the place. Maybe the whole world." The Doctor stares out the window, lost in thought, watching the hit-and-run loop play out again and again. Knowing what's going on and unable to do anything about it. Standing next to the man who ended the world. "Was that a car?" asks Pete. The Doctor tells him it's not important, and leaves. But Pete's very clever. You didn't think Rose got it from Jackie, did you?

The Reapers climb around the church, their bodies over the stained glass. Rose stares up, sitting alone near the altar, tears drying on her cheeks. Pete approaches, hands in pockets, and sits with her: "This mate of yours...what do you mean, this is your fault?" She just shakes her head at him, still with tears in her eyes, mumbling: "Dunno...just everything." This part is hard. "I gave you my car keys," he says, wonderingly. She stares: "You don't give your keys to a complete stranger." She turns her face off, scared to death he knows it all now. "It's like I trusted you," Pete says. "Moment I met you, I just did. A wound in time..." Rose chews her lip and stares up at her father. "You called me Dad. I can see it," he smiles. "My eyes, Jackie's sound like her when you shout." Rose swallows. This tiny church, you know? This dusty place. Pete reaches out and touches Rose's face, so lightly, and she closes her eyes. His hand falls away, and she takes it, holds it back up to her face. "You are. You're my Rose. You're my Rose, grown up." He throws his arms around her, causing her to completely lose control, tears everywhere, holding tight. " dad. My daddy."

A Reaper viciously head-butts a door, and inside, the Doctor is still checking doors. There actually aren't that many doors. Either he's checking for damage, or he's boiling water. Stuart and Sarah approach him -- he's being very intense -- and call him "mister." The Doctor corrects them, and Stuart tries again: "You seem to know what's going on." The Doctor doesn't look up, but admits that he often gives that impression. Stuart is very tentative and British about all this, but Sarah finally jumps in: "Can you save us?" Which are, of course, the magic words. The Doctor turns off his screwdriver, and looks at her: "Who are you two, then?" Stuart Hoskins and Sarah Clarke. "And one extra," Stuart says, nodding at Sarah's tummy. The Doctor: "Boy or girl?" Sarah says she doesn't want to know, really. The Doctor asks the couple how they got started. Stuart and Sarah glance at each other, and tell the Doctor their story (street corner, 2 AM, no taxi money, took her home, wrote his number on the back of her hand). Stuart starts to quote his father -- something awful, I assume -- and chokes up. Sarah's lip trembles for his pain, as the beasts scream outside. "I don't know what this is all about," says Sarah. "And I know we're not important..." This shocks the Doctor: "I've traveled to all sorts of places, done things you couldn't even imagine, but you two. Street corner. 2 in the morning. Getting a taxi home. I've never had a life like that." Stuart smiles; Sarah smiles through her tears. The Doctor smiles: "Yes. I'll try and save you." So, so intensely he says this. So sad, and scared, and getting it done. He's very strong, the Doctor. I like him.

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