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I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

Pete talks to Rose: "I'm a dad. I mean, I'm already a dad, but...Rose grows up, and she's you. That's wonderful. I suppose I thought that you'd be a bit...useless, what with my useless genes and all, but...." Rose laughs, still sniffing. He stares at her, fascinated: "How did you get here?" Billie Piper does this thing I really like sometimes, where she wants to tell you, but she's holding back, and her eyes are so open and so clear, and there's a little laugh at one side of her mouth, and she's beautiful, and that's the thing she does now: "Do you really wanna know? A time machine." To his disbelief, she adds, "Cross my heart." Pete asks whether they all have them, "where you come from," and she tells him it's just the Doctor. "Did you know these things were coming?" Pete asks.He kind of loses track here, and shakes his head: "What's the future like?" That's not what he's asking. Rose smiles, and won't look into his eyes: "It's not so different." And this is what Pete's asking: "What am I like? Have I gone grey?" He laughs, and him laugh. His smile fades a bit, but he throws on some of that Tyler charm -- Rose does this all the time, takes a sad song and makes a joke -- "Have I gone bald? Don't tell me I've gone bald." I don't know how to tell him this, but he's already basically there.

Rose doesn't answer again, and Pete clears his throat. New topic: "So, if this mate of yours isn't your boyfriend -- and I have to say I'm glad, because being your dad and all, I think he's a bit old for you...have you got a bloke?" She laughs at the age difference joke, and starts to tell Pete about Mickey ("No, I did have..."), who comes running up, Jackie chasing behind, yelling as usual. Mickey throws his arms around Rose's legs, eyes shut tight. Rose realizes who he is, and begs him to let her go. Even Rose is touched by how often she has to tell Mickey that. Jackie, speaking the truth as ever: "He just grabs hold of what's passing and holds on for dear life. God help his poor girlfriend, if he ever gets one." He could be a companion, if he wasn't like that. He could have both, and instead he gets nothing, because he's not brave enough to win. There's a lesson for ya. Pete starts to explain to Jackie -- a disaster in the making -- and she gets all harpy some more: "While the world comes to an end, what do you do? Cling to the youngest blonde," etc. Rose is upset, but doesn't say anything. Jackie takes off with Mickey, calls him "Mick," holds his hand tenderly. That's actually one of the most touching parts of the episode, for me -- not only that they're the ones who are left, always, without Rose/Pete, but also: that they loved each other once. Makes me even gladder they spent time together last time. Nothing repairs these little accidental accusations of murder like launching missiles at Downing Street. Trust me there. I still wish Jackie'd let him in. Pete follows, to explain about Rose, and she begs him not to: "Where I come from, Jackie doesn't know how to work the timer on the video recorder." He laughs, and says he showed her last week. Rose nods...three, two, one...spike: "Point taken." It's funny, but I wish people knew how smart Jackie really is. A lot of that stuff goes a long way.

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