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I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

The Reapers slam against the church, screaming, and Rose approaches the Doctor, who's having an intense talk with baby Rose: "Now,'re not gonna bring about the end of the world, are you?" His smile fades, and his face is all rage: "Are you?" It's kind of thrillingly crazy. The baby stares up at him, innocently, and he snaps out of it as Rose comes near. The Doctor says lightly that Jackie gave him Rose to look after. His lips go hard again: "How times change." Rose, tears in her throat, tries to smile and banter: "I'd better be careful. I think I just imprinted myself on Mickey like a mother chicken." She reaches out to the baby, and the Doctor snatches her hand away. "No. Don't touch the baby." Outside, the beasts scream louder, for just a moment. "You're both the same person, and that's a paradox, and we don't want a paradox happening. Not with these things outside. Anything new -- any disturbance in time -- makes them stronger." His eyes, on her face, desperately worried. With the Dalek, it was different, because he was crazy and scared for himself, because of himself, because of his world. This is worse. He can't hate Rose, and he can't hate the Reapers, and he can't really hate himself -- it's just a complicated mix of factors. So he's, like, equally intense and weird on every level. "The paradox might let them in." Rose makes the interesting relationship choice of getting snotty -- "Can't do anything right, can I?" -- and gets the answer she deserves. "Since you ask, no. So don't touch the baby." He fairly spits, talking to her like she's a half-wit. "I'm not stupid," Rose rumbles, and The Doctor says she could've fooled him. There's being called stupid, and then there's being called world-endingly stupid. Rose looks away, stung, and the Doctor apologizes for that. She looks up and he continues: "I wasn't really gonna leave you on your own." We know, dude. She's like, "Yep." But, he admits, he hasn't got a plan: "No idea. No way out." She believes, still. "You'll fink of somefin'," she says.

The Doctor explains: "The entire Earth's been sterilized. This, and other places like it, are all that's left of the human race. We might hold out for a while, but nothing can stop those creatures. They'll get through in the end. The walls aren't that old. And there's nothing I can do to stop them. There used to be laws stopping this kind of thing from happening -- my people would have stopped this." He looks into the distance. "But they're all gone. And now I'm going the same way." (The same way?) Rose pleads: "If I'd realized..." He looks at her, and she meets his eyes. "Just tell me you're sorry," he asks. Wow. That's large. She doesn't look away, doesn't even falter: "I am. I'm sorry." The Doctor reaches out and touches her face, and pulls her in tight. It's like something breaking open, like when the rain starts. You have no idea how much tension you are carrying in your shoulders until somebody says something like "I'm sorry," and you can touch her again. This would be the part where I lost it. I was like, "Pete who? I just can't handle The Doctor hating Rose." Or, not hating -- you know. Being strong and without her and not holding her responsible for the things for which she was responsible, in as brittle and auto-toxic a way as possible. Those death stares at the baby of her. Jesus. They embrace, strong and relieved and scared and resolved, and Rose pulls back -- he keeps his arms around her -- feeling inside his jacket pocket. "Have you got something hot?" Their trust restored, she takes the TARDIS key out of his pocket, and it sizzles. She gasps and drops it, and they stare at it on the carpet, glowing. He takes off his jacket -- which he could stand to do a bit more often -- and picks up the key with its sleeve. It's so freaking weird to see him out of it. He just looks like an incredibly hot guy in a t-shirt. Not a Time Lord or a god at all. "It's telling me it's still connected to the TARDIS!" he says. You can't cut yourself off from that much of yourself -- him or her either -- and expect to have a working connection to the infinite. Right? You can't hate yourself, if maintenance and restoration of the design are your responsibility: as above, so below. And the TARDIS connects everything, and the key connects you to the TARDIS. These people should know better, what? It's about intimacy.

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