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I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

Pete: "I never read you those bedtime stories. I never took you on those picnics. I was never there for you." Rose argues that he would have been. They both know it's not really true. They both know it doesn't matter anymore. "But I can do this for you. I can be a proper dad to you now." Rose says it's not fair. She's the opposite of right. It's not fair: it's damned lucky. "I've had all these extra hours. No one else in the world has ever had that! And on top of that, I get to see you." He takes her face in his hands. "And you're beautiful." She sobs silently, but he smiles, free now. "How lucky am I, eh? So. Come on, do as your dad says." Rose hands him the vase, without looking, tears still falling. "Are you going to be there for me, love?" Viewer abuse: that's when you scream "Nooo!" at the TV, even though it's just a TV. She nods, and he looks into her eyes. "Thanks for saving me," says Pete. And the sad, halting piano blooms into glissando, and he pulls his girls, his wife and his daughter, into his arms, and Rose closes her eyes. He's a hero. Finally. Restoration of the divine. How can you say any of this was a mistake?

The Reapers are still climbing around, screaming, as Pete runs out the doors and into the street, the vase in his hands. He stops just outside the gate, and looks up at one of the Reapers. As one wheels down toward him, the hit-and-run loop begins over again, and Pete throws himself toward it, screwing his eyes up tight before it hits him. "Goodbye, love..." he says, and the driver throws his hand over his eyes, and the vase crashes onto the street, and the Reapers disappear, one by one. Rose stands outside the church, head down and eyes closed, breathing slowly. The Doctor comes sliding back into the frame, this time coming to our left from behind her. The Doctor looks at Rose for a moment, and puts his hand on her shoulder. She turns to look up at him. "Go to him," he tells her. "Quick."

Rose runs out of the church gates, down the road, and kneels next to Pete in the road. She holds his hand and lifts his head, and he looks deep into her eyes for a breath, for two, and his eyes close, and his head falls back. Behind Rose, Sarah and Sonny and Stuart, Jackie, all the guests come running out of the church, to see what's happened. Poor old Jackie. "The driver was just a kid," her voice says.

Back on the bed with six-year-old Rose. Jackie is telling Rose a story: "He stopped. He waited for the police. It wasn't his fault. For some reason, Pete just ran out." Think, for a second, about this: it's not just Pete who was saved today. Nobody else will remember, but that "kid" just got a hell of a pass. Pete died for him too. Thank God for Peter Tyler. "People say there was this girl, and...she sat with Pete while he was dying. And she held his hand. Then she was gone. Never found out who she was."

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